6 Sports Betting Life Hacks You Absolutely Need to Know

If you want to become a good sports bettor, then you need to have a strong strategy and a firm understanding of the field.

This is true for almost everything, including sports betting. Even though gambling is usually considered a way to lose money, you may actually win a lot, if you use the correct strategies. You could go to Playamo now and try your luck, but it would be better if you read some very valuable advice before doing that.

Gambling is strictly a fun pastime. You can’t expect to win money there. Sports betting is a different deal – if you are a real pro, then you will be able to make some money, as long as you weigh all the risks and have a good understanding of the sport. To make informed decisions, it’s in your best interest to consult Doc’s Sports Service, the most trusted and respected sports information company in the US.

There are actually a lot of factors to consider when making a bet. But if you are willing to invest your time and effort into this topic, then you will be able to profit from your knowledge of sports.


Utilize the 6 sports betting life hacks presented below to turbo-boost your sports betting!

6. Try to watch one sport only

Every day over a hundred new betting lines appear. It is pretty easy to get carried away, and that is what usually happens to new players. They get the feeling that they must place bets on many different sports, in the hopes that one will succeed. That is wrong, and you are much better off betting on the same sport every time.

This gives you the ability to put all your focus into one particular game, so you will be able to build up experience. Also make sure to follow a particular team, if possible. Then you will be able to see its strengths and weaknesses, and that will allow you to predict if it will win or not.

5. Bet less than 2% of your budget


This part requires you to be able to stop when you have bet too much. This requires you to have a strong willpower, because sometimes it is not easy to stop, even when you really have to. If you wager less than two percent of your budget, you are avoiding placing a lot of money on one bet.

Sure, you will be tempted to bet all of your money on a match that you feel sure to win. However if you lose, you will lose all of your money in one go! It is much wiser to bet on a few matches, so if one loses, the other will win.

4. Ignore public opinion

The bettor needs to be wise, and must actually do the opposite of what the public expects. This is because the bookies usually make their lines, based on people’s opinion. If the people root for one team, then the bookie will make corrections and soften the lines. And then, if you bet against the people’s opinion, you get a better chance of winning. This may actually cause you to win quite substantially.

3. Analyze betting records


There are records made of teams’ performance against the spread. They are called ATS records, and they are published on players’ websites.

These records may help you make better bets, and they will let you understand the team’s successes and failures in one glance.

In some cases, you may just decide to sit back and watch a team play. This may help you gauge the power of the team and its players, and you will be able to analyze how it will perform later. This gives you an upper hand over other bettors, since you will be like a fish in water when betting on this team.

Advanced players may buy expensive scripts and software that will help them analyze whole streams of data in order to make an educated decision. They are ready to pay this price just to make a wise choice on their next bet.

2. Check the weather

One of the things that will affect the game the most is the weather. It is one of the few things that is able to directly interfere with the game. So be sure to check the weather report before the game starts.

This is even more important if you are betting on a team because weather has more effect on teamplay. Weather has a definite effect on all games, and NFL once reported that completion in all games in November and January dropped by 4 percent.

However, do not over-react to weather. Pros say that the weather report is one of the most overrated factors, and it has much less effect than some people believe.

1. Learn a betting system


A betting system is something that is present in any kind of betting. Betting systems have been devised for sports betting too. Martingale is one of the most popular. It is very simple – it has you double the amount you bet every time you lose. And then there are much more complicated systems, like the Labouchere.

Systems a way to make games more spicy and make your games more varied. They are also a way to noticeably improve the amount you win from betting. From a standpoint of math, the Martingale is a winning strategy, but it assumes you have enough money to keep doubling the bets.

However this has its cons – remember that a system is not really a way of winning. The only way to win in sports betting is to develop skill and precision. This makes it possible for you to bet and win almost every time. People will sometimes put all their trust in a system, forgetting that the true win is in skill and experience.



This article listed just a few basics that will help you get started on your way to success. However this advice is not just for newbies! It is going to be useful and important for experienced players too.

If you are just a beginner, then you must remember to overcome public opinion and bet less than 2% of your budget. And if you are a pro, then more complicated strategies come into play, like adjusting for weather, using software to analyze data and studying records of teams’ performance.

And like most things, your success in sports betting depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to contribute to this business.