From Comfort to Confidence: How the Right Lingerie Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

What role does lingerie play in your life? The social concept tells us that lingerie is something to be worn on a special occasion, something to impress your partner with. But this is not the limit. Lingerie is between you and your body. It’s personal, it’s intimate. It’s your hidden tool for feeling your most confident, attractive, and comfortable self.

And in this article, Empress Mimi will talk exactly about how to make lingerie your ally.

The Psychology of Lingerie

Lingerie is just a piece of fabric, right? How can it affect a woman’s mindset and self-image?

Well, this is just another feature of human nature: our surroundings influence our behavior and the way we feel. The psychological effect is everywhere: when there are pastel colors in interiors, we feel calmer and more focused; when the colors are aggressively vivid, we feel uncomfortable and get tired quicker; when there is a clean organized space around us, we are able to focus better… and so on.

Now, clothes, being way closer to humans than interiors, have an even bigger influence on us: our mood and self-perception change depending on our outfits. Think about the morning, when you get dressed in your business-casual outfit, getting ready for a work day in the office. Put on a blazer – bam – you turn on the professional mode, it’s time to get some work done.

Now remember how you feel when you come home after a long day and get changed into your favorite oversized T-shirt and comfy sweatpants. How much cozier and more relaxing it starts to feel. And lingerie is no exception – invisible to other people’s eyes, it can make you feel so different: comfortable, cute, sexy, insecure… It’s especially important when your body goes through changes: either aging, becoming a mother, having medical conditions, or losing and gaining weight for a variety of reasons. With any significant change, the right lingerie, like Empress Mimi lingerie, can boost the acceptance process and help you feel more comfortable and confident in your changing body.

And if you learn what lingerie is right for you, it will always work in your favor.

Finding the right lingerie

There are several factors to consider when shopping for lingerie. For instance, your body shape. If you’ve got an hourglass figure, then all the wide choices of lingerie will suit you perfectly well. But if your body shape is a triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, or round, there are different types of lingerie for each body shape that enhance all the parts that you’re proud of and balance out the general image.

Another thing to consider is your skin tone. Basically, the shade of your lingerie should match the shade of your skin tone. If you’re cool-toned, shades like pure white, icy blue, deep purples, and bright cherry red will look flattering on you. For warm tones, autumn and spring colors will do the work: warm green, powdery yellow, navy blue, and rosy red. Neutral tones are somewhat in between and they can rock pure white, navy and cool gray.

Think about your personal style as well. Lingerie is there for you to make you feel better, not worse. So if you wear lots of tight clothes, there is no need to struggle with the lingerie seen through, as there are plenty of options that blend in with your clothes. Or let’s say, you’re not the biggest fan of lace and prefer more of a sporty style: no worries, you can look into the variety of bodysuits, hipsters bottoms, and so much more.

The thing is, the market is full of options, you just need to find what’s right for you. The right lingerie sets will enhance your body image, complement your natural curves and everything you’re proud of. It can also smooth out some moments that you don’t feel comfortable with.

The benefits of wearing the right lingerie

Let’s get more specific about how lingerie can improve your quality of life: from physical and physiological aspects.

First things first, lingerie has got your back quite literally: bras are designed in a way to help you keep everything together. Either with the help of straps or the stretchy firm fabric like in sports bras, your top is there to provide extra support not only to your breasts, but to your back and shoulders as well. This is particularly true if your cup size is C and beyond.

Your bottoms are also there to help: you can always go for panties with more coverage, like briefs, or shapewear that is designed to support your curves and give you that enhanced snatched silhouette. If you are apple-shaped or if you have just given birth – a pair of panties with nice stretch and coverage might become a new favorite item in your wardrobe.

The right lingerie can serve as a great support not only to your body but also to your mind. Clothes can boost either our self-esteem or our insecurities. It really doesn’t take much sometimes to make your day a little bit better: just put on a fun favorite lingerie set under your strict office outfit and you’ll see the difference in the way you feel and carry yourself.

How to Incorporate Lingerie into Your Daily Routine

Now let’s see how you can combine your stunning lingerie with your everyday outfits. If you want a secret confidence boost, you can put any set under, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the outside outfit. So if your “public outfit” is tight and bright, it would be better to go for less texture and neutral colors with your lingerie.

However, there is also a bolder option: you don’t always have to hide your lingerie under your clothes:

  • Corsets and lace bodysuits can level up any outfit. Pair your corset top with a baggy jeans or add suit pants to your bodysuit to get a more sophisticated look;
  • Your bra can also serve you as a top if you feel extra bold. Put it under a blazer or a button-up shirt, and you’re good to go;
  • Slip dresses and skirts are not only for romantic nights but for a bigger variety of occasions. Style them with sneakers, boots, and any warm layers like coats or oversized jackets.
  • Babydoll dresses are no longer to be hidden only nowadays. They give you that extra vintage vibe, whether you pair them with boots or heels.

Regardless of the way you choose to implement your lingerie into your daily outfit, think of it as an empowering move, an act of self-care. People express themselves in many ways, and clothing (including lingerie) is an important one of them.


Spending some time on finding the right lingerie for yourself is beneficial in many aspects: it gives your body the support it needs, boosts your self-esteem, adds that extra spice to your outfit, and just makes you feel better about yourself in general.

One of the best things you can do is to let yourself experiment, try different styles with curiosity, and just have fun along the process.