5 Ways To Properly Wash and Care For Your Full Lace Wigs

Wearing hairpieces is something that people have done for centuries, and it is common with both males and females. The right type of extension will help you feel better, look better, and it can help boost your confidence. There are a lot of different types of hairpieces, and some of the most popular ones are the full lace wigs. If you want to be able to use this type of hair for a long time, you need to know how to properly wash and care for it. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to do it, and how to extend the life of the wig.


1. Pay attention to the products you are using

Many people who are using lace wigs for the first time think that they could use the same products they’ve been using before. Even though these hairpieces are made of human hair, there is a difference between the products you’ve used before and the items that you should use now.

Note that some of the traditional products may be too harsh on the wig, and if you damage the hairs, they won’t grow back. Because of that, you need to purchase special products, including shampoo, conditioner, and styling items so you can make sure you won’t damage the hairs in the long run.

One thing that experts suggest is that you should never buy random drugstore items that are at an extremely low price. Just because you’ve saved up a couple of dollars on the item right now, may cost you a lot of money on replacing the piece in the long run.

So, always pay attention to the proper hair care items, and if you are not sure which are the best ones for your hair, you can talk to an expert, or just contact the place where you purchased the wig from.

2. Don’t brush it too often

The next thing you should pay attention to is brushing. Yes, you should brush the wig to prevent tangles, but you should not do it too often.

When you brush the hair, it is best to do it before you wash it, and if needed, you should first get it wet, and then gently comb through it. You should never apply too much pressure, and you should never try to detangle it by force.

If a few hairs seem like they are too tangled, then you should carefully untangle them with your fingers. Note that even though this may take a bit more time, it will largely increase the lifetime of it, and your wig will look perfect for a long time.


3. Washing and conditioning

Now let’s talk about the most important part of the whole process – washing and conditioning your wig. The first thing you need to remember is that washing this hair, and washing your own hair is completely different.

You need to first rinse it with cold, or room temperature water. Make sure you get it all wet and then apply a pea-sized amount of the right type of shampoo to it. You should never rub the scalp of the hairpiece, and you should never apply too much pressure. You don’t need to massage the product in. Instead, run your fingers down the hairs, and make sure you don’t tangle it. When washing the cap, you should never scrub. Instead, use some soapy water to make sure you clean it.

Once you are done shampooing it, use lukewarm water to gently remove all the shampoo. When the shampoo is rinsed off, you should use some conditioner and gently comb it through the hair. Never put conditioner on the scalp or in the cap. Leave it for about five minutes, and if needed, detangle any hairs.

Note that there are different types of lace wigs, so you need to pay attention to what type of hair you have. According to blackshowhair, mink hair vendors can provide you with hair that can last for a couple of years if you take proper care of it, so you should always research the type of piece you want to get before you make the purchase.

Depending on the type of wig you have, its length, and its strength, you may need to wash, comb, and style it more or less frequently.

4. How to properly dry it?

This is another thing that many users wonder about. We approach the wigs as we would our natural hair, but if you treat the wig the same way you treat the hair on your head you will definitely damage it.

Once you wash the full lace wig, you need to pat it dry with a soft towel. You should never leave it to dry on a rack, and you should never store it while it is still wet or damp.

As soon as are done washing it, you should blot it with a towel, and make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. Never use a blow dryer to dry it, because it will get damaged in time. Instead, leave it out to dry, and if needed, reposition it several times. Make sure you change the towel under it, and never leave it in wet or moist places.

Know that you are allowed to use a blow dryer, a curling iron, or any other styling tools, but you should never use them on a high setting. To style it with a blow dryer, use the lowest possible setting, and blow cool air only. Take your time, and be as gentle as you can. When it comes to curling or straightening iron, use the lowest heat setting, and make sure you are not pressing or pulling too hard.

5. Care tips


When storing your hairpiece, you should never stretch the cap, or store it in direct sunlight. Try to keep it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, and if possible, try to put it on a stand.

Never wear the hair while you are sleeping, because you will damage, tangle or break it. Note that in case you want to recolor the piece, you can do it, but it is always better to consult a professional stylist that will do it without damaging the hairpiece.

You should try to keep the hair away from hot water, chlorine, or salty water. This means that you should not wear it when you swim in the pool, sea, or the ocean. If you have to wear it, then try your best not to get it wet. If it comes in contact with that type of water, wash it as soon as you can.

Follow our advice, and you will not have any issues keeping the hairpiece in mint condition for years to come. If needed, consult a professional and ask for a recommendation for the best products depending on the specific type of your wig.