How To Differentiate Between A Real Human Hair Wig and A Fake

The vast popularity of online wig stores and businesses have made it increasingly difficult to differentiate between a real human hair wig and a fake. Due to this, many people buy wigs that don’t live up to the hype about them. In the end, they pay a lot of money for little value.

Here, you’ll be receiving various pointers on how to spot a real human hair wig and avoid the fakes. You no longer have to pay more for less. Let’s begin!

How To Differentiate Between A Real Human Hair Wig And a Fake

Unlike before, people no longer buy wigs in person. In most cases, you’ll see a nice wig online, ask the vendor for the price and order right away. It’s when your order gets to you that you realize that you’ve been sold fake hair, contrary to what was advertised. This has become the ongoing struggle of 100 human hair wigs purchasers that it has become highly essential to avoid this catastrophe. With this in mind, here are some ways to go about it:

1. Do Your Research

Even with all the bad luck in wig purchase flying around, there are still good brands out there. These brands ensure you get quality wigs like they’ve advertised. However, you can only locate these brands through research. This brings us to an essential question, “What does this research entail?”

First, it involves going online to check for reviews about that brand. When doing this, focus on brands that have recent reviews, and not the ones posting reviews from the previous years. Another way to spot quality brands is by getting reviews from people closer to you who have also patronized those brands. You could even request to see the wigs they’ve purchased, if possible. This helps you make well-informed decisions on the brands to patronize.

2.  Examine The Fiber of The Hair

The major problem most people have when purchasing wigs is mistaking real human hair wig for the ones mixed with synthetic hair. However, you can avert this by examining the fiber of your wig. This applies to you if you’re buying your wig in person. In such a case, you can find out if your wig is a real human hair wig through a few tests. One of them includes the heat test. You can execute this by using a flat iron on the wig, if it’s a straight one, and examine the smell. If it burns badly or smell burnt, it’s fake. If it’s a curly wig, tangle it and comb through it to see if it’ll detangle seamlessly. You could also add water to it to check if the curls would come back fully.

3.  Carry Out Other Hair Tests To Determine Its Lifespan

This method also applies if you’re going to a physical store to purchase a wig. In most stores, the wigs are already placed on mannequin heads to give you a preview of what they look like. But that’s not nearly enough for you to judge their quality. It’s always best to run your hands through the wig to examine it. While doing this, pay attention to its softness and finger detangle it to find out whether it’s shedding.

Benefits of Real Human Hair Wigs

Real human hair wigs give you value for your money in various areas. These include:

1.  They give off a natural and refined look

Real human hair wigs look just like natural hair, carefully made to give you a natural look. Through this, you also get to undergo a transformation because it has a refined look that accentuates your features. In making human hair wigs, hair professionals go through meticulous processes to ensure that the wigs have high quality. Beyond this, human hair wigs adopt a look

2.  They are functional and highly durable

The most adored quality of human hair wigs is that they’re durable. While synthetic wigs only last for one year, while human hair wigs can last for about five years. This is why many people prefer human hair wigs even though they’re relatively more expensive. With real human hair wigs, you can allow your natural hair rest and still look good while rocking your wig.

3.  They are versatile

Real human hair wigs are highly versatile, allowing you to style your hair in different ways. You can rock an up hairdo, use headbands, and experiment with different parts. In other words, you get to flaunt a different style almost every day to suit your desired look.


With the increase in online stores, it has become difficult to tell between real human hair wigs and fake ones. However, you can avoid this by doing your research, examining the fiber of the wig, and carrying out various hair tests to determine your wig’s lifespan. With these methods, you get to enjoy the durability, functionality, and versatility that comes with real human hair wigs.