What Prima Power Generator Rentals Wants You to Know About Generator Rental

Power Generators

Power generators are used for a variety of reasons, including for power outages and camping. If the power goes out and you have a generator you can keep the food in your refrigerator cold. It can also help you to have power when you are out camping.

You can always buy a generator, but they can get expensive. It can be better to rent one from Prima Power generator rentals so that you don’t have to do all the upkeep on one. If you rent a generator from them, you can return it and let them do the maintenance.

This article will give you some tips that you should know before you rent a generator. You will learn what kinds of generators are out there. It will give you some advice about what you need to know about the different types.

Types of Generators

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There are four main types of generators that you can rent in today’s market. The diesel is one that is the most popular and most widely used. They are widely used by construction companies and for special events. They are popular because of the low cost of fuel and the ease of moving them around.

One disadvantage of diesel is that it can be unreliable in cold weather. They can also be very difficult to maintain: https://safetyculture.com/checklists/generator-maintenance/. They can also be very noisy compared to other generators.

Some of the advantages can be that they are fuel efficient, durable, and have good fuel availability. They are capable of running high loads with minimum fuel. They can handle being out in the weather at construction sites and you can find diesel fuel just about anywhere.

The next type is the natural gas generator which, as its name suggests, runs on natural gas. Even though diesel is more popular, natural gas is coming up a fast second. There are many advantages to the natural gas generator, including the fact that they are cost-effective since natural gas is cheaper than diesel. They are convenient because you don’t have to do maintenance on the fuel tanks and no precautions because of degradation.

They are also very safe because there is no risk that the fuel can spill and no risk of environmental hazards. Compared to diesel, natural gas is cleaner burning and there is less air pollution. Look here to see the comparisons. They are also easy to install, especially in tight spaces that need a generator. The big disadvantage to natural gas generators is that they are more expensive than diesel.

Towable generators are the next type that you can tow to the job site. These are good for long- and short-term situations because you can leave them in one place for awhile and then move them to the next site. They are good for different sites such as construction sites and mining operations.

These generators are mounted on trailers, and they are designed to be hitched to a truck. They provide high output capacity. They also have larger fuel tanks so that they can supply more power for a longer period of time. They are usually diesel powered but can also be gas or propane fueled.

Large generators are the last type that are larger than the others. These are mainly for large construction projects that need a steady stream of power. They are powered by gasoline, propane, and diesel.


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There are many applications for the different types of generators. The biggest use overall is for construction sites. Usually at construction sites, there is no power hooked up, so generators are a necessity. They can also be used for backup power for all the power tools that are being used.

They are also good for routine and planned shutdowns and outages. Big industries such as mines and factories have these shutdowns and need power to keep going. It is necessary for the safety and the health of the employees that are working there.

Hospitals and clinics rely on large generators that are vital for the safety of patients. In case of emergency shutdowns, the hospitals and clinics can readily rent one to keep their operations going and patient equipment working. They are also good for areas that have unreliable power.

They are also good for agricultural uses such as keeping power in barns and stables. They can be permanent sources of power, or they can be rented as needed. These can be good for keeping emergency lights on for those cold winter nights, or for those hot summer days.

The hospitality industry also makes use of generators at outdoor events, or when the power goes out in storms. They need power for their guests to keep them comfortable and to keep the computers going. Restaurant owners need them to make sure that their equipment is working, and customers can be fed.

Tips for Renting

  • Select a Reliable Name Brand and Trusted Rental Partner – If you can trust both the generator and the rental partner, you will likely have a good one. There are some well-known companies that can be relied on to rent out quality equipment.
  • Read the Agreement Carefully – The main things that you need to look at are the rental fees, the insurance, and rental term. There might be hidden fees and financial penalties in the rental agreement, so watch out for them. You also need to make sure that the agreement includes liability insurance in case something goes wrong.
  • Choose the Right Generator for the Job – You will want to make sure that the equipment that you are renting will do the job that you need it to do. You don’t want one that is too small or one that is too large: https://www.forbes.com/home-improvement/electrical/what-size-generator-to-buy/. This list will help you to see which one is best for you.
  • Be Sure That it is Clean and Tested – You want the generator clean and maintained because you know it will work as it should. You also want to make sure that they test it to make sure it works before they send it with you.
  • Operate According to Instructions – If you are not using it as you should, you could cause dangerous damage. You want to make sure that you follow all instructions, including grounding the generator as it should be.


There are a variety of generators that you could use that are good for different jobs. There are also many reasons to use on. If you are renting, make sure that you read all the instructions and follow the rules.