11 Outdoor Patio Flooring Ideas to Add Style to Your Home – 2024 Guide

Gone are the days when people lived in mansions. Nowadays, compact houses or flats are visible throughout the city. However, the human tendency for beautification compels people to make their houses look as attractive as possible.

So, the addition of a patio to a house adds to the beauty of a house. The exterior of a house is as beautiful as the interior. The presence of an outdoor patio adds to the appeal of the house. It is essential to pay attention to the floor of an outdoor patio.

To make the flooring of an outdoor patio attractive, the builders need to choose the right materials. Let us check out 11 stylish and funky floor designs for outdoor patios.

1. Interlocking concrete pavers:

img source: vivial.net

Since the flooring is exposed outdoors, it needs to be brighter. Nowadays, these interlocking cobblestone patios are no longer available in monotonous colors.

A few unique shapes are available too. The blocks of cement or concrete connect like pieces of a puzzle using sand. In case the resident of the house wants the patio to be customized, he/she may choose stamped concrete. Such stamped concrete is prepared with the design chosen by the owner of the house. You can get more information about concrete pavers on this site.

Expenses: The average cost of setting it up is roughly $2,700.

2. Slate Pavers:

img source: nitterhousemasonry.com

Natural slate imparts a beautiful look. Also, it is strong and can carry loud colors. So, it is a good material for building household patios. It absorbs very little water. Thus, it doesn’t have the risk of frost damage. Also, the homeowners do not need to spend a fortune behind their maintenance.

Expenses: Slate slabs do not cost much. So, installing a standard slate paver floor costs between $1,300 and $1,850 which includes the cost of materials and labor costs.

3. Brick Paver Patio:

img source: landcareandlawnmaintenance.com

Brick pavers are also known as block pavers. They are a popular choice for patio flooring because they look unique. The variety of colors and lack of planning lends an ethereal beauty to it. It is easy to install.

A layer of compact gravel is scattered on the ground. Landscape fabric, as well as a smooth layer of sand, covers it. Then, the bricks are placed on the ground, and sand is swept within the cracks amidst the pavers. In this way, the pavers are locked in place. Alternately, the professional flooring experts can lay the brick paver patio.

Expenses: A brick patio costs between $14 and $30 per sq. foot. In case the customer wants bricks of different sizes, he needs to pay more.

4. Flagstones:

img source: jooinn.com

Flagstones have a different appeal of their own. The reason is that they are available in a variety of colors. As they have a rough surface, they provide excellent traction- particularly when drenched.

Expenses: Flagstone is expensive than the other options available. So, the customer should be prepared to spend $20 to $30 per sq. foot.

5. Fieldstone:

img source: provia.com

This rock is popular for patios that look as natural as possible. A patio made of fieldstone is the perfect place for relaxation. Also, it offers the perfect time with family. However, a professional fashion designer should be appointed to design it.

Expenses: The house owner should be prepared to pay at least $9.70 and $20 per sq. foot for it. It includes the labor charges as well as the charge of materials.

6. Travertine:

img source: tinostone.com

This material is available in a variety of colors. This material has a soft surface with soft pores. It is suitable for extreme climatic conditions where snowfall occurs regularly. It is the best option for conducting a patio floor.

Expenses: The owner of a home may have to pay approximately $4 to $6.50 per sq. foot for a travertine floor. Apart from that, labor charges of $50 to $60 per hour will apply for installing it.

7. Wood:

img source: podovi.org

A patio floor made of wood is eternally in fashion. It looks cool anywhere. Also, it renders a rustic and homely feeling to the surroundings. You can find different types of wooden floors at directflooringonline.co.uk.
Expenses: The patio floor made of original wood costs a minimum of $20 per sq. foot. Apart from that, installation charges of roughly $9 per sq. feet will be implemented.

8. Composite Wood:

img source: familyhandyman.com

Flooring made of composite wood gives out the feeling of modern wood. However, it doesn’t have the challenges of traditional wood. This material is also more economical to maintain than the original wood. However, it retains more heat than the original wood. So, it gives the feeling of being warm under the sun as compared to real wood.

Expenses: Composite wood flooring costs $18 per sq. foot. The installation charges are $10 per sq. foot. The initial payment may sound a bit expensive. But, no primary treatment is required after it is installed.

9. Graniflex:

img source: graniflex.com

It is a strong, resurfacing material. It can control moisture. Also, it makes the patio look more attractive. It can resist cracks and protects people from slipping.

Expenses: Graniflex costs $7 to $10 per sq. foot.

10. Synthetic grass:

img source: squarespace-cdn.com

It is difficult and expensive to maintain a real lawn. So, synthetic grass in the patios has become very popular.

The owner of the home doesn’t have to invest in sprinklers or lawnmowers.
Also, children can play in the patio made of synthetic grass, without any chances of allergy.

Expenses: The initial cost is between $15 to 420 per sq. foot. However, it will not entail any cost for the next few years.

11. Victorian Pavers:

img source: cincopa.com

The Victorian pavers are made of machine-pressed bricks. However, they resemble classical Victorian tiles. Hence, they have an eternal appeal.

Expenses: They are not as expensive as the original Victorian titles. People can easily afford it.

Final Words: The patio speaks volumes about the home. A classy home needs to have a chic patio. In turn, a good patio needs a good flooring. We have that this article helps you make an informed choice.