3 Reasons Not to Miss The Sunset in Grenada

Once the summer is behind the corner, there’s not much to think about than about the upcoming vacation. And what’s the best place to go than to the Caribbean. We’d love to recommend Grenada, which can later be remembered as the best place you ever visited. It offers plenty to see, all of which can be made into an eternal memory by taking photos and sharing them on social networks. If you haven’t indulged yourself with a visit to an exotic place like this one before, there’s no better time to go than the right now. Beautiful things can happen, and moments to never forget if you decide to stay on an island in the Caribbean sea.


We are talking about a moment that occurs every day, even in a place where you live right now – sunset. It is beautiful, no matter where you live, but when it comes to tropical sunset, something is just different – magical. When you think about this phenomenon is something all of us take for granted. Well, things are about to change once you feel it in a warmer, more secluded part of the world. During your vacation, you’ll probably be running around, enjoying sandy beaches, cold beverages, nightlife, exotic foods, missing the most beautiful and most natural thing – the sunset.

We are here to urge you not to do this. When you decide to vacate in the Caribbean, do not forget to spend some time being one with a setting sun. You’ll have plenty of motive to do this, but in this article, we are going to discuss the three reasons not to miss the sunset in Grenada.

It’s Free


While we highly recommend visiting Grenada at least once in your lifetime, we are not kidding you when we tell you that it is a pricey place. It is a highly sought destination, and once you decide to go there, you’ll have to spend on plane tickets, accommodation, food, drinks, and everything else that comes with spending holidays in places like this one. Once you start spilling money on everything that comes your way, you’ll forget about the things that come for free.

While staying in a hotel and drinking fancy drinks is all good, and well, you also should look at making memories that will last you a lifetime. If you and your prettier half are here on honeymoon, be sure to see at least one sunset in Grenada. One of the best places you can do this is Grand Anse Beach. This is the biggest and the most beautiful beach in Grenada. You owe it to yourself to at least spend one sunset here. Grab a couple of beers and just sit in the sand while the waves do their job, and the sun is slowly going away for the day. As we said, many things are going to cost you money in this summer resort, but this is one that comes completely free of charge. Just think about a romantic moment that doesn’t even need to be planned. Do this, and you’ll thank us later, there’s no doubt about it.


It’s Unique

Sunsets on Grenada are unique; you can even call them mystical. The exciting part about this island is that before the evening, most beaches are going to be empty. People go to their homes, or their hotels and tents, only to return when the time is for sunset. Yes, you heard it well; most visitors and even locals come to the beaches when it is time for the big ball of fire to sink into the deep blue sea. There are numerous ways you can enjoy yourself while this happens. It all comes down to what you like. You can sit on the beach, or swim in the sea, or what most people do – try to capture this moment on camera.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch it the way you saw it. It’s too magical to allow you to do this easily. The best part is that if you go to one of the famous beaches in Grenada is that you’ll share this experience with many people just like you. There are even those who find this act spiritualistic and meditate while the sun is setting. The atmosphere is perfect for meditation. Some even claim that you can even see the famous Green Flash if you watch carefully enough at the right moment. Being at a Grenadian beach during sunset is described as a dream by most people who have been there. Allow this pleasure to yourself, and please. At last, once in your life, experience a Caribbean sunset, even if it’s not in Grenada. But, if it is, please be sure to check out these tours and experiences you’ll see if you click here.



It’s never a wrong time to witness a sunset on this island. You don’t even have to be present when it’s the season. Yes, it would be wise to avoid hurricane season, but besides that, you are good to go. The temperature is almost always circling 82 °F. This is ideal; we’re sure you agree. There are also enough rainy days, which allows for many spices to grow on this island, but also to give you a dreamy look at the sun. Have you ever seen a sunset during a heavy rainstorm? It can be breathtaking. Before you visit Grenada in a hunt for a perfect evening, you need to know that rains season lasts from June to December. But, showers that add magic to sunset can occur during the whole year. This is why you should go for a sunset hunt in Granada. They can be caught in all of their perfection almost all year long.


By now, we probably talked you into going to Grenada for a sunset tour. But, worry not, there also plenty to see and experience there besides this natural phenomenon that leaves everyone breathless. Bring your loved ones, family, and friends for a time of their lives. Trust us; no one would regret it.