List of Must-Offer Sports for New Betting Sites

Launching a new sports betting or gambling platform involves many key decisions. Chief among them is determining which sports and leagues to offer odds on. The sports you open your doors with can make or break your success right out of the gate. Offer too few options, and bettors may look elsewhere. Offer too many obscurities, and operational costs will quickly skyrocket. So what’s the right balance? This guide explores the must-have sports any new betting site needs while avoiding unnecessary clutter.

The Big Four: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey


Most bettors stick to the major sports they already follow as fans. Therefore, any betting platform like wunderwins casino needs to offer lines for the big four North American heavyweights:

  • Football: The NFL and college football are key anchors of the North American sports betting market, generating huge handle and interest throughout their long seasons. Offering diverse football betting options from moneylines to intricate props is a must.
  • Basketball: At the professional and collegiate level, basketball trails only football in popularity across most legal betting markets. The NBA and March Madness, in particular, are two of the biggest annual wagering events.
  • Baseball: America’s pastime continues to drive consistent betting action throughout the spring and summer. Having lines on MLB games builds essential consumer trust in new sportsbooks.
  • Hockey: The NHL has a devoted, betting-happy fanbase. Ensuring your site is equipped to handle the flurry of wagers around the Stanley Cup playoffs can pay major dividends.

These four pillars provide an immense foundation that opens betting sites to the widest possible audience off the bat. But the major North American sports are just the beginning when structuring a competitive events menu.

International Mainstays: Soccer, Tennis, Golf

Gone are the days when betting sites only needed to cater to American audiences. The globalization of sports betting means new platforms must also offer odds for the most popular international competitions. Chief among them are soccer, tennis, and golf.


As the world’s most popular and far-reaching sport, soccer betting enables access to diehard fans everywhere big matches are held. Covering high-profile leagues, domestic cups like the FA Cup, and massive events like the World Cup and Euros is critical.


From Wimbledon to the French Open to star showcases like the ATP and WTA tours, tennis boasts a lengthy season full of coveted betting engagement. Ensure your product features dynamic tennis lines and you’ll tap this lucrative market.


Week-long major tournaments are prime real estate for golf betting. The Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and British Open should anchor robust golf wagering. Offering lines on individual holes and props distinguishes platforms further.

Once again, we see major global sports that transcend borders. Bettors everywhere recognize and engage passionately with soccer leagues, big tennis tournaments and golf’s majors. If shoppers don’t see them prominently featured on your site, they’ll leave.

Filling Out the Margins: Motorsports, Boxing & MMA



After covering the obvious mainstream sports, look to motorsports, boxing and mixed martial arts to round out your catalog. These “fringe” options cater to passionate niches often underserved at big-name sportsbooks:


Formula 1 racing has seen immense betting growth recently. NASCAR also retains a loyal regional following of bettors in the U.S. Offering odds here builds valuable authority in racing circles.


Marquee prize fights might only happen a few times per year. But when they hit, boxing generates immense betting action that keeps customers engaged between other sports seasons.


Dana White’s MMA empire spearheads wagering growth in many markets. Ensure your site has betting markets ready for big UFC fights or other promotions like Bellator.

While football and basketball do the heavy lifting volume-wise, having these fringe sports available strengthens your credibility with discerning bettors. Their followers are passionate and help bring year-round user activity.

In Closing: Essential Sports Get You Started

Launching a modern, competitive sports betting site is no simple task. But the effort becomes far easier if you open your doors already prepared to facilitate betting on the sports and leagues customers demand. Use this article as a blueprint for which essential events to offer on day one.

The major North American professional and college sports form a sturdy foundation. Mainstay international competitions like soccer and tennis enable global growth. Topping it off with passionate niche sports builds trust across many demographics. Combined, getting these must-offer sports right sets new betting sites up for long-term prosperity and profitability.