MFW Meaning – What does MFW Mean?

MFW Meaning – What does MFW Mean?

MFW Meaning. Check out MFW Meaning. Are you looking to find out What does MFW Mean? It is an abbreviation for – My Face When. Check out more here. It is an internet slang word for “My Face When”. Mostly it is used to mock on a person’s comment or action during an incident. Read this article to understand how and where to use it properly with examples.

What does MFW Mean?

There are various meanings of MFW but the most commonly used meaning is “My Face When”. You can use this on social media platforms or in a conversation as a response when something funny the other person says or does. Have a look at an example to understand it more in detail-

Individual 1: You should have seen MFW Bella, and Edward got together!
Individual 2: Oh, damn right I did! You spent every one of my tissues!

MFW Definition – The Meaning of MFW

It is defined as the abbreviation or short term for “My Face When”.

Individual 1: MFW each time Miss Green makes that upsetting contention!
Individual 2: Oh God! Don’t try to remind me!

What is MFW?

MFW was first noticed on 4chan at some point in 2009. The setting in which it initially showed up is likely equivalent to it is today. As simple to make posts that incorporate response pictures. After its introduction on 4chan, MFW started to encounter an uptick in prevalence beginning around 2010. The initial entry for MFW showed up on Urban Dictionary on June 12, 2010. It took a short time for clients of different social media platforms, for instance, Tumblr and Twitter, to get MFW. In April 2011, the subreddit/r/mfw was established. The arrangement of this subreddit incorporates a title containing MFW, trailed by a link to a response picture.

Where to use MFW?

MFW can work as an independent gadget or close by an image or GIF. Wherever it goes, It is sometimes joined by greater than sign (>), as >MFW. This is a result of its inceptions on 4chan, where stories are regularly told in a fragmented configuration separated by > as the story advances. 4chan refer them as “green content stories,” named after the shade of the text style they’re regularly typed in. Once in a while, the > is used to draw attention for a response picture or something to that effect. But, since MFW exists outside of 4chan, the sign > isn’t as significant to a more extensive group of viewers, and its use is some of the time ridiculed outside of the board.

16 Other Meanings of MFW

  • May Flower
  • Main Feedwater
  • Man for Woman
  • McAfee FireWall
  • My Father’s World
  • Mutual Fund Wrap
  • Milan Fashion Week
  • Meeting for Worship
  • Misc Fitness Weights
  • Migrant Farm Worker
  • Mid Florida Wrestling
  • Michael Forbes Wilcox
  • Multi-Function Workstation
  • Medical Women’s Federation
  • Maximum Fuel Weight (aviation)
  • Military Fixed Wing (various organizations)
Acronyms Similar to MFW:
YFW Your Face When
MRW My Reaction When
TFW That Feel When
F2F Face To Face
MYF Miss Your Face
SYF Shut Your Face
UWU Happy Anime Face