Why This Menthol Cigarette Alternative Has Gotten So Popular In The UK

The UK’s smoking landscape is rapidly changing, with more and more smokers looking for alternatives to the traditional menthol cigarettes they’ve become accustomed to.

Amid this shift, a new product has emerged that is quickly gaining in popularity – The pentol applicator pen. This menthol cigarette alternative in the UK is gaining attention for its unique flavor, health benefits, and convenience.

This blog post will explore why Penthol has become so popular in the UK and how it might be the right choice for you.

What Is a Penthol Applicator Pen?


Pathol is an aerosol-based nicotine inhaler containing an e-liquid containing 0.2% nicotine per milliliter. It has no tobacco or smoke and can be used like a regular e-cigarette or vape pen. It comes in two flavors – strawberry mint and vanilla chai latte – reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop order but without any coffee.

While menthol isn’t available everywhere just yet, it’s clear that this little device could be taking over as the go-to replacement for your regular menthol cigarette addiction.

Benefits of using Penthol Applicator Pen

1. Ease of Use

You remove the lid from one end, inhale until your lungs feel full, then put the lid back on before exhaling and repeating as needed. With a single click of the pen, users can apply a small amount of menthol to their tongue, providing an instant and long-lasting flavor sensation. It is great for smokers who want to enjoy menthol’s flavor without traditional cigarettes’ harshness.

2. Health Benefits

When you compare menthol cigarette alternative UK against a product like a Penthol applicator pen that does not contain smoke, it becomes evident which option would be better for your body and overall health. Also, Penthol does not produce tobacco smoke or contain nicotine alone. When used correctly, it may provide an even lower risk level than vaping liquids.

3. It Provides a Cool and Refreshing Sensation

One of the most noticeable things about penthol is how it provides a cool and refreshing sensation, much like regular menthol cigarettes. You get all the same benefits of nicotine intake without dealing with any other negatives associated with combustible cigarettes.

While some people may find them bland, many others enjoy the taste of strawberries and cream combined with a sweet taste provided by the sugar cane extract in Penthol’s recipe.

4. Taste/ Flavor

The e-liquid contained within the penthol applicator pen also has a longer-lasting flavor than that found in regular cigarettes. This makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy nicotine without worrying about the taste getting old too quickly.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a range of different flavors, which can help keep you interested in the product and coming back for more.

In Conclusion


Penthol has become a popular menthol cigarette alternative in the UK for various reasons. Its unique combination of herbal ingredients, high-quality manufacturing process, and strong flavor makes it a great choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional menthol cigarettes.

Additionally, it has become an attractive option for those looking to reduce their nicotine intake and other chemicals found in cigarettes.

With its low price point, it has become an affordable choice for those seeking to quit smoking.