8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Diet and Exercise

You have a problem of excess weight and you have decided to do everything necessary to solve that problem. You exercise regularly, eat healthy, at least compared to how you used to, but your excess weight is not going anywhere. The reasons can be many, and it is possible that you are just being impatient because you want change so much. It’s a long process and since you haven’t gained all those pounds overnight, you also won’t lose them easily. But there are many other reasons why you don’t lose them, which you probably won’t notice. To help you solve this essential issue for your life and health, we have written for you reasons you are not losing weight despite diet and exercise.

1. You have a bad exercise plan


You have found exercise plan on the Internet that is not personalized and then does not work for you as it should. Various misinformation can be found, which will cause you to spend energy on workouts without seeing any significant progress. Two things need to be done. And those two things are lifting weights and cardio. One without the other is not complete. Don’t be fooled into believing that lifting weights will make you too muscular. This is especially something that is repulsive to women. But that is impossible. It takes years and more to be like bodybuilders. Weight lifting is the most important tool for losing weight. Only in this way will you increase your basal metabolism and burn calories even after the end of physical activity. You also need cardio, but only along with weight training. If you doing only cardio, you will reduce your basal metabolism and as soon as you do not train for a while, you will gain even more weight. So create an ideal balance between these two types of training, as this is one of the most common reasons that prevent you from achieving your goal.

2. Lack of sleep


Sleep is very important for your goal, as well as for your overall health. Nighttime sleep is especially important. That is why working in shifts is very unhealthy. Many studies have been conducted and it has been concluded that if you sleep less than 6 hours, you are likely to have weight problems. Lack of sleep leads to increased secretion of a hormone called cortisol, then to binge eating, and also fatigue will prevent you from doing the workout the right way. All this will have a bad effect on your morale and mood, so it is necessary to have a sleep schedule and stick to it. If you work in shifts, you definitely need to find your sleep schedule so that your body can get used to it.

3. You eat too much


One of the misconceptions is that you can only eat too much unhealthy things, and that you can eat healthy food as much as you want. But that is not true. Maybe you have a big appetite or you are prone to binge eating and now that you are eating healthy and you have eliminated fast food, you start overeating those new foods in your diet. If you eat too many nuts or dark chocolate, the effect will be very similar to eating too many pancakes. There will be only a small difference in terms of the impact on your liver, but in terms of weight there is no difference. Especially because things like nuts have a lot of calories. Then the fruit is full of sugar and if you eat a lot of it, your blood sugar level will be as high as if you ate a cake.

4. You are not using supplements

We don’t want you to think that supplements are necessary, but they are definitely something that will make the whole process much easier. Since it is quite hard process, any extra help will be very useful to you. There are very good supplements for this purpose, which although not magical, will certainly have an impact. Some will affect your appetite, others your metabolism, while others will serve as a source of energy before a workout. Also, some are more tailored to men and others to women. It is important that you educate yourself on specialized sites like weightlossfitnesshealth.com and find out all about them, as well as which ones are the best, in order to make the right decision.

5. You don’t drink enough water


Insufficient water intake is a problem that many people have. They drink water only when they feel thirsty, which means they are close to dehydrating. When we say dehydrated, we don’t mean you will end up in the hospital, but you have certainly already put your kidneys and whole body in an unpleasant situation. It is necessary to drink at least two liters of water a day, and to gradually increase that intake. In addition to being healthy for your body, it will also reduce your appetite because water will fill your stomach. The daily intake of water also includes liquids from fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea and everything else, so add that and the amount of water you drank to know if you have taken in enough.

6. Stress


If you are under stress, losing weight will be much harder. As we mentioned, the stress hormone cortisol will certainly not help you. This will all lead to you feeling food craving, which often leads to binge eating. Try to relieve yourself of stress as much as possible.

7. Medical conditions

There are various medical conditions that may slow you down on your journey. If you are absolutely sure that you are doing everything properly, and you still do not see progress, it is time to contact your doctor. You may have problems with your thyroid, ovaries, or something else.

8. Alcohol intake


One drink occasionally is completely fine. But if you consume every day, remember that you are ingesting extra calories that way. Most drinks have a lot of calories, especially cocktails. And if you drink more than a few, chances are you’ll have junk food craving tomorrow.


These are the eight most common reasons. If you didn’t recognize yourself in any of them, two possibilities are most likely. One is that you just have unrealistic expectations and that you need to let some more time pass before you see results. And the second is that you have reached the plateau and you need to change your workout plan, as well as wait for a while until the plateau period has passed.