6 Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean In A Budget

It’s not just homeowners and families that are feeling the pinch and searching for ways to save money wherever they can in the current uncertain economic situation. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world are toeing the line between profit and loss, trying everything they can to keep out of the red – without having to lay off employees or even go out of business.

And, while having a clean, clutter-free, and well-kept workplace is critical for keeping employees happy and productive, it’s also fair to say that cleaning an office – whether it’s a modest home office or a large corporation with hundreds of employees – can be costly. Many business owners aren’t thrilled when they’re forced to spend a percentage of their hard-earned turnover on cleaning products, just as they are when they’re forced to spend personal money on cleaning products rather than meals or treats.

So, how does cleaning help a company save money? Is it possible to create a fun, productive office that is also kept clean on a budget?

1. Organize The Work Desks


Clutter frequently builds up over time. It may seem worthwhile to save certain documents, and most people keep them on their desks in case they come in handy. Nonetheless, useless clutter eventually becomes the norm. The same can be said about staplers and other similar tools that are broken. Make a conscious decision to either store stuff in the appropriate locations or discard those that are no longer useful.

Converting repurposed jars into organizers that hold pens, erasers, staples, and paper clips is one creative work desk organization solution, as is using binder clips to handle cords on desk surfaces.

2. Engage the Services of a Professional Cleaning Company

If you have ample office space that you can’t keep up with on your own, you might want to employ a janitor to keep it clean. If you can’t afford an extra paycheck every month, the best option is to hire a professional cleaning service such as JAN-PRO.

These assistants are well-trained and well-equipped to leave your place immaculately clean at the end of the day. A professional cleaning service will make your task easier, save you time, and reduce your tension by delivering faster and better results. Furthermore, they will make every dollar invested worthwhile.

These services also have more advanced cleaning equipment, which can improve the quality of the finished product. It is sufficient to hire them once a month, which can fit within your budget.

3. Reorganize All Of Your Office Supplies

The rush and bustle of a busy workday generally result in disorganized workspaces. All visual and disorganized clutter in your working environment must be removed.

Begin by going through all of your critical documents and filing them in the appropriate files and folders. It will make it much easier to find them in the future and will help you clean up the mess.

Everything must be accounted for, be it pen-paper or pantry items. All unneeded objects should be discarded to make way for new stuff. Less clutter and hoarding will help make the areas appear larger. It will be simple to clean, resulting in a cleaner appearance.

Only keep items on your desk that are absolutely necessary and within reach of your hands. Unless you have other essential equipment to function on a regular basis, your desk should consist of nothing more than a computer or laptop, a notepad, and a few office supplies.

Pass on this concept to your employees so that the entire office appears to be well-organized and minimalist.

4. Clean Public Spaces


Although your workplace and cabins require frequent cleaning and organization, public places such as the bathrooms and pantries acquire the most dirt and bacteria.

These locations are the most unsanitary and, if not cleaned sufficiently, might spread infections. Vacuum and clean these spaces as usual, then disinfect the floor with a disinfectant mop.

Because the pantry countertop sees many coffee spills and collects broken food crumbs, it should be cleaned every day to prevent bacteria from accumulating and causing diseases and a foul odor. The pantry may contain seating places where people can eat lunch and meet for short breaks.

Clean the lounges, tables, and chairs so that your employees can enjoy their food and coffee in a clean environment.

However, as mentioned, if you simply lack the time and resources to do so, just hire a professional firm. Cleaning companies, like Sidepost, provide efficient, low-cost solutions to keep your public spaces clean and tidy.

5. Clean The Devices


It’s vital to clean anything you’ll frequently be touching. We fail to clean our phones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices much too often, resulting in a growth in bacteria on our devices.

When you consider how frequently you’ll use your technology, this can become a severe problem. You may reduce the number of sick days your employees take by minimizing the number of bacteria and germs in your workplace. It might also save you thousands of dollars each year if you do it all at once.

6. Give Incentives To Your Employees

People’s desks may be neglected on a regular basis, and there may be too many for them to clean and tidy one by one. It’s preferable if people who work at desks clean it themselves because they know what they need at their desk and can organize it according to their preferences.

If you provide your employees some incentives to be cleaner in the office, you can encourage them to take that initiative. Perhaps your employees can vote for the best-looking desk, and you can then reward the winner.


Keeping your office tidy can increase staff productivity, allow them to focus better, make you feel calmer at work, and provide a presentable setting for clients, especially when they drop by unexpectedly. It will enable you and your staff to form a stronger bond. Try out some of the ideas above and set yourself up for success with these six low-cost strategies to keep your office clean.