What’s the Point of Outsourcing to One of the IT Managed Services Seattle?

When it comes to business service and support, it makes sense to keep certain functions within the company’s structure. At other times, outsourcing functions is the most pragmatic way to handle things. That can certainly be the case with Information Technology service and support. Why should you consider the idea of entering into an agreement with one of the IT managed services this year? Here are some points to consider.

More Control Over Information Technology Costs


IT costs are both fixed and variable. It can sometimes be hard to budget enough to cover most contingencies. The result is that you find yourself having to adjust allocations from time to time, something that can mean putting off other essential needs.

According to professionals from amoebanetworks.com, choosing to hire a service to manage your network helps to provide more stability to the costs. This is because the arrangement is governed by an agreement that spells out what you receive in return for the monthly fee. That same agreement will have cost structures related to support that you may or may not need over the course of a year. With this in hand, it’s easier to project costs and budget accordingly.

And Your Payroll


Another way that hiring a service to manage your IT needs is that it reduces the number of employees that you need to run the business. Instead of paying a team to be around in case some issue arises, you can rely on your outsource partner to be there for you. It’s a safe bet that the fee you pay each month will be less than what you would pay a single employee if you kept the IT support in house.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the wages or salary that are reduces. You will have fewer employees who receive health insurance, a life insurance policy, vacation days, sick days, and personal days. You also won’t have to contribute to a retirement or pension fund for IT employees. Think of how you can use the money saved to do things for the company and your other employees.

Your Team Has the Latest in Certifications

If you have your own team, one of two things must happen. You will need to pay for them to attend classes and earn certification in emerging technology that the company will use in the future. The alternative is that the employee has to pay for it out of pocket. Since few will go with the latter option, you’ll end up paying for the courses.

When you hire an outside IT service to take care of your needs, paying for continuing education is not something you have to deal with at all. Your partner is the one who takes on the task of ensuring everyone on your support team is up to date on all technology and has the certifications to prove it. All you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits.

And Plenty of Experience to Draw On

Education is great, but there’s also the need to have plenty of experience to draw on. It’s true that you could hire a team to manage your IT needs and each one may have the ideal credentials. How many of them have the experience to go along with the certifications?

One of the benefits associated with outsourcing to a service is that the personnel assigned to your account have both the credentials and the experience needed to manage your network. That includes making any upgrades, dealing with server and work station issues, and even helping new employees settle in and get familiar with the programs used. In many instances, these and other forms of support are all covered in the basic monthly fee.


A Higher Rate of Efficiency

There’s a lot of ground work that has to be laid when you choose to operate an IT team in-house. There’s the research into software and hardware to consider. You also have to think about the development time as well as time that goes into implementing new aspects of the network. All of these can put a strain on the team and decrease the efficiency of the general network maintenance.

By outsourcing to a managed services team, you don’t have to be concerned about any of this. When and as needed, additional personnel can focus on tasks like these while your usual team continues to oversee the function of the network. That means no reduction in efficiency for you even as you reap the benefits associated with the research and development.

Access to the Latest Technology Has to Offer

Another perk of outsourcing to one of the IT managed services Seattle is that your partner ensures the team is always up to date on the latest technological developments. Best of all, your partner can identify how those new developments could be of use to you and your business.

Maybe a recent innovation could easily be adapted to your operation and reduce the cost and the time needed to manage certain functions. If you agree and choose to have the partner implement the change, you stand to strengthen the company and better position it to compete in the marketplace. What business owner would not like to cultivate that type of situation?

Remote as Well as Local Support With IT Issues


Entering into an agreement with an IT service means that they have remote access to your network. This allows them to manage a number of housekeeping tasks without having to physically visit your place of business. Think of how that could come in handy if the network develops and issue and the partner can correct it without having to travel to and from your office? The savings in time alone make the deal worth it.

That remote access also comes in handy in the event of an emergency. Should it be impossible for employees to reach the office, your partner can set up access that allows them to work remotely also. This goes a long way to keep the productivity higher even as the emergency is resolved.

These are only some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your IT needs to a qualified partner. Talk with one of the managed services in town today and see what you think. When you know more about how this type of relationship works, give it a try. After a month of so, you may never want to go back to the way things were before.