5 Tips for the Best Ways to Manage Contacts

Finding the best way to manage contacts can be tricky considering the plethora of options and formats at our disposal. It is important to organize your contacts in an orderly manner to make your personal and professional life run smoothly and efficiently. The generic contact list that is available in every smartphone is probably the way you are used to managing your contacts, however, it is a good idea to explore other options.


1. Choose where you want to store your contacts

If you solely use the contact app that comes with your phone, you should consider taking a look to see what other apps and softwares are out there. We highly recommend using Covve, rated the best contacts app by Tom’s Guide, which provides you with many advantages that your everyday contact app will not. With an app, you are able to scan and digitize business cards, get alerts to remind you to reach out to people, use tags to group your networks, and much more.

2. Organize your contacts in groups/labels

When finding the best way to manage contacts, it is important to categorize the people in your life into groups. We are all guilty of having meaningless names in our contact list and can’t remember how we know this person and who they are. To make sure this doesn’t happen it is important to label or group your contact lost.

For example, if you have college friends, family members, co-workers, and mentors all in your contact list, you want to label them accordingly. That way you are able to keep your personal life and business life separate, search for people you want to speak to easily, and avoid any mix-ups. A relationship management app makes this process simple by providing tags to group your contacts!

3. Store all of your business cards digitally

Monday. com advises collecting paper business cards can get very messy and disorganized. It is important to store all of your business cards digitally to ensure you never lose track of them. Also, it makes keeping your contacts tidy much easier. Use a platform that can scan information to instantly digitize any business card that has ever been handed to you. That way all of your contacts are in the same place!

This app specifically can recognize over 40 languages with the AI-powered technology to automatically import contact information into a digital format for easy access and searching.

4. Add locations to you contacts

When finding the best way to manage your contacts, it is helpful to know what time zones your friend, family member, or co-worker is in. That way you’ll never have to worry about calling too late or having a miscommunication about when your meeting starts.

5. Write notes for contacts, especially for business

Having a section dedicated to notes in your contacts is a great way to keep on top of your relationships. For example, if you’re having a meeting with a client for work, taking notes on your conversation will allow you to remember exactly what you discussed and what you would like to address in future meetings. Contact management apps allow you to keep notes on each contact so you’ll never forget an important conversation again!

Now that you have your handful of top tips for managing contacts, what are some of the best tools for professionals?

Best Apps for Professionals

Navigating through your professional life can be difficult, but there are plenty of apps out there to help. With such a wide variety of apps available on the market, we have broken down the five best apps for professionals that our team finds most useful and beneficial. They range from contact and calendar organization, to social media management, to creative ways you can collaborate and make content with your co-workers.

All of these apps can be found in the App Store and most of them are free!

1.  Covve


Covve is a contacts and calendar management app that allows you to have your contacts, calendars, and business related matters all in one place. This app will revolutionize your business relations like you’ve never seen.

With a relationship management app, you can scan and digitize business cards, get news alerts affecting your contacts, receive automated reminders to reach out to clients and colleagues, organize and group all your contacts with tags, and much more. It is easy to use and will improve your organization of contacts and events so you’ll never miss another meeting or lose touch.

2.  Slack


Slack is a communications tool providing a channel for everything related to a project, topic, or team. According to Slack, companies have found that the speed and efficiency of communicating in channels makes them more impactful and builds stronger relationships.

Slack is one of the best apps for professionals due to its ability to provide quick and simple communication amongst any workspace. If your workspace is still using email as the main form of communication, suggest they implement Slack instead, especially if you continue to work remotely.

3.  Linkedin


Linkedin is like Instagram for professionals, allowing members to communicate and connect with like minded people across the globe. Linkedin is a great way to find job opportunities, stay in touch with past employers, and maintain relationships with current colleagues. It’s essentially like a virtual resume, but with the ability to apply to jobs and reach out to people in your desired industry. Linkedin is one of the best apps for professionals thanks to its ability to bring together the world’s leading professional network of people. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up!

4.  Trello


Trello is a collaborative platform allowing team members to seamlessly work together. It is a great option as an entry-level project management tool. On Trello you can collaborate with your colleagues to create boards, lists, and cards. Trello’s features enable you to assign tasks, comment on your team member’s work, add attachments, and more.

Trello always stays in sync so you can collaborate from anywhere at any time. Trello is one of the best apps for professionals due to its ability to allow its users to effortlessly create and collaborate.

5.  Canva


Whether you’re looking to create a resume that pops, a project proposal, social media posts, or make a graphic design, Canva is the perfect platform to do so. It’s easy to use and has collaborative features similar to Google Drive so you can work on projects with your team from anywhere. It’s perfect for anyone whether you’re in the design field or not. Even better, it comes at no cost – unlike some of its competitors.

If you don’t already have any of the five best apps for professionals previously listed, go download them! We promise they will significantly improve your professional life.