25 Interesting Space Gifts For 8 Year Olds

8 years old is a period when children’s bodies undergo rapid physiological and psychological changes. At this age, they have begun to enter the prepubertal stage, so they are also more sensitive to the things around them. So, choosing a gift for an 8-year-old kid needs to be more delicate. Unlike other children, your child loves space, so you are looking for space gifts for 8 year olds? Refer to some suggestions for space gifts from giftomg.com below to easily choose the right gift. There are so many interesting options for you to choose from!

From the practical items, cute items to sentimental items, we’ve got you covered.

Self-Launching Air Rocket Toy

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This Self-Launching Air Rocket Toy is made by National Geographic, the maker of the highest quality hands-on science toys. This toy includes a launch pad, decals and charging cable for kids to give their electric rocket a custom look. There are 3 different heights for them to choose according to their liking. With a full battery charge, kids can play up to 20 flights. A great space gift for kids aged 6 and up!

Crystal Growing Kit for Kids

Crystal Growing Kit for Kids is one of the most interesting space gifts for 8 year olds. This children’s kit features non-toxic arts and crafts to create engaging experiences and nurture children’s confidence in life – recommended for ages 6 and up. The kids just need to add hot water to trigger a crystal growth chemical reaction and watch their colorful crystals grow for 24 hours!

The Fascinating Space Book for Kids

Does your 8-year-old child want to know all about space? This Fascination Space Book for Kids is definitely a highly educational space gift that you should not miss. This children’s space book contains 500 out-of-this-world facts like stars, planets, solar system, universe, and more. Your child will be able to explore space through the colorful pictures on every page in this impressive astronomy book.

Astronomy Planet Model Stem Toys Gift

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This DIY Glow In The Dark Astronomy Planet Model Stem Toys Gift includes planets, stencils, rods, string, a fact filled wall chart, squeeze glow paint pen and 10 sets of Kids Quiz questions. With a variety of impressive educational topics, it teaches children about the fun things of the solar system. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t order and challenge your child’s imagination with these 4M toys and kits?

JS-KIDSEZ Premium Rocket Ship Kids Tent

Made of polyester-nylon material and flexible fiberglass rods, this Premium Rocket Ship Kids Tent is durable, providing maximum safety for your child. It’s like a magical world, a lovely castle can bring joy and entertainment for many years to children. Very suitable for children who are interested in planets, stars, traveling meteorites, rockets, astronauts, spaceships. It’s really big – can accommodate 3 kids playing games together and adults can sit comfortably inside too.

Skillmatics Educational Game

The Skillmatics Educational Game includes 6 double-sided activity mats, 2 Skilly Billy Dry Erase Markers, 1 Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate and 1 Duster cloth. All activity mats come with detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. The content offered is very creative, engaging, age-appropriate and skill-oriented. This is one of the best space gifts for 8 year olds on any occasion to ensure kids learn while playing!

Space Decor Light Projector

Source: skyatnightmagazine.com

This Space Decor Light Projector has five different themes: Solar system & the eight Planets, Starry star, Magical universe nebula, the Ocean World, Happy Birthday, and Moon & Shooting Stars. When turned on, the projection of the planets will reflect on the ceiling and walls, creating a dreamlike night space. It helps kids have a pleasant bedtime experience. Bring the universe home so your child feels like he/she is lying under the stars with this projector!

The Young Scientists Club Space Adventures Pack

The next gift hint is an intergalactic adventure and a variety of solar experiments – all in this Young Scientists Club Space Adventures Pack! From a clay solar system, DIY constellations, and even a fun space memory game, this product has dozens of activities, plus 6 additional exploration activities. The kids will be so happy and excited to receive this impressive gift. It’s time to buy it for your child, grandchild or co-worker’s child!

Kids Gifts Bag

Made from 80% recycled plastic bottles, this Kids Gifts Bag is eco-friendly and reusable – a small step towards reducing single-use plastic. With a design with fun and colorful patterns related to space, it is very suitable for giving to the little ones who love space. Thanks to the good storage area, it can be used to store school supplies such as books, notebooks, pens or daily toys. Extremely useful and special, isn’t it?

Mudpuppy Outer Space Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle

Source: thepuzzlenerds.com

This glow-in-the-dark 100 piece space gift set is great for making a space gift for 8 year olds. Because at this age, the kids will love the colorful artwork and start to be curious about astronauts, planets, stars, spaceships, etc. And here, this Mudpuppy Outer Space Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle box with interesting pieces is the perfect item for them to find the joy of the galaxy!

Explorer Rocket Ship Circuit

This Space Toy will help kids better understand the fundamentals of electrical circuits, beyond the circuit board and the universe. Thanks to the safe design and outstanding features, kids can confidently connect electrical circuits easily and quickly without fear of danger. This toy also includes astronaut and robot figures for kids to play pretend. Encourage new interests and spark new passions in your child with this Rocket Circuit!

Reversible Planetarium Space Projector

Any child who is curious about science, the galaxy or the solar system will love this projector. The details and colors are modeled after real-life spaceships, so kids will love this educational science theme. With this engaging Reversible Planetarium Space Projector, your child can explore the wonders of our universe in the bedroom or living room. Please use the projector in a dark room for best viewing results.

Astronaut Star Projector Night Light

Source: space.com

As a parent, do you want to create a great night for your sweet child? Astronaut Star Projector Night Light will give him/her the most impressive experience. This product has a very novel and unique astronaut shape design, can be switched by remote control or button and can be rotated 360° with magnetic suction. In addition, it is also a very good decoration – can be used as bedroom, living room, game room, car, or study and computer desk decoration.

3D Rocket Rucksack Bag

This epic Buzz Lightyear rocket-shaped Disney bag is the perfect accessory for any kid on his/her adventures. The bag comes in two colors blue and white, light and sturdy – perfect for space fans. With dimensions of about 35x26x10cm, it becomes an ideal item for storing books, toys or lunch boxes. One of those interesting and unique space gifts for 8 year olds you shouldn’t ignore, right?

Space Rockets Decorative Pillow

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This Space Rockets Decorative Pillow is made from 100% polyester and is manufactured at the OEKO-TEX factory to meet high safety and environmental standards, so it is super soft and sturdy. Very suitable for decorating the bedroom, study table, toy room or any favorite room. An indispensable space gift for kids to feel happy and excited every day!

Cutoly Space Exploration Toy

Does your child dream of becoming astronauts? Make his/her dream come true with this Space Exploration Toy! With this space shuttle, kids can start their wonderful space exploration journey like a real astronaut. This toy has 12 different types of space models such as satellites, rockets, spaceplanes that can be assembled into a complete shuttle model. It also includes easy-to-use colorful instruction manuals for kids to assemble the space shuttle in the right direction.

Reusable Face Mask

This delicately patterned 3-layer mask with space-related images will protect your child from harmful elements. It features a face-fit design, shaped nose clip and elastic ear loops – suitable for most children when traveling to crowded airports, school, malls and other places.  Besides, with soft and breathable cotton fabric, kids can wear the mask all day without discomfort.

Space Boys Swim Trunks

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These swim trunks are very comfortable and breathable as they are made from soft and quick-drying premium polyester fabric. The elastic band has just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable fit. With a very cute astronaut pattern, it makes your kids look more active and cute. It also has two side pockets to help children hold small items such as candy, cakes, small toys, etc. Very suitable for many children’s activities such as swimming, soccer, swimming or everyday wear.

Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Solar System

Our next suggestion on our list of space gifts for 8 year olds is this Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Solar System. It includes all 8 planets, Pluto, moon, sun, repair kit, foot pump and detailed instructions. With this gift, children will learn the order, size and shape of the planets and the sun. Get ready for your little one to explore the vast world around them with this science exploration toy and tool – so useful!

Child Outer Space Theme Bedding Set

Child Outer Space Theme Bedding Set is made of high quality material and woven by complex process so it is super soft, comfortable and breathable than other common microfibers. It also features clear patterns, warm colors, and elegant style. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms and a unique Christmas or birthday gift idea for space-loving kids.

Stephen Joseph Kids Wallet

This super cute spaceship patterned wallet is sure to be loved by those kids. This wallet has lots of pockets inside – a great place to keep cash or other valuables. With its sturdy construction and 10.5″ X 4.5″ dimensions, it’s perfect to put in a backpack or bag. This wallet not only has great functionality but is also easy to keep clean.

Space Unisex Tee Black

Do you always have a headache finding a birthday gift for your child? Instead of having to think about complicated and expensive gifts, why don’t you try giving this simple but meaningful Space Unisex Tee Black to him/her? It is made of 100% cotton spandex material, cool, absorbent, and safe for kid’s skin. You will be completely assured when buying this product as a space gift for 8 year olds!

Space Swirl Colored Pencils

These 10 crayons are inspired by NASA’s beautiful space images, so children will surely love this lovely gift. They can use these Space Swirl Colored Pencils to sketch galaxies, twinkling stars, favorite planets, spaceships, or recreate the fascinating beauty of nebulae in the vast sky.

Astronaut Teddy Soft Toy

Oh my gosh, kids who love space are sure to melt with this Astronaut Teddy Soft Toy. This adorable toy is made of soft plush fabric in eye-catching colors and measures over 12 inches tall. More than just an entertainment item, this product also helps kids develop their imagination, creativity and open their minds to space adventures. Is there a reason for you to refuse to order this cute gift for your child on his upcoming Birthday?

Stargazing Refactor Cardboard Telescope

Source: amazon.co.uk

This Stargazing Refactor Cardboard Telescope is our last suggestion on our list of space gifts for 8 year olds. With the amenities available, kids can spend hours building a great telescope – both entertaining and educational. A creative and fun activity that will be welcomed by an 8-year-old child. It is made from high quality sustainable cardboard so parents can rest assured that their children will play for a long time.


As children get a little older, they begin to become more aware of things around them. So on birthdays or other special occasions they look forward to receiving unique and interesting gifts from that adult. Especially, at the age of 8, children will have their own hobbies. You need to delicately choose gifts so that they can learn and play at the same time because this is an important age to form a child’s attitude to the surrounding environment. Surely, our interesting list about space gifts for 8 year olds has made it easy for you to choose the special and right gift. For more tips on choosing simple but unique gifts, regularly follow our website!