How Fast Can You Fix A Misalignment Bite

Teeth misalignment can cause an uneven jaw. Your teeth may be preventing your jaw from settling into its proper position. Braces or retainers can assist in correcting this. It may take 6 to 18 months for results to appear. A skeletal malocclusion is a bad bite caused by a flaw in the structure or alignment of the teeth. When the structure is uneven or not aligned in proper structure, it causes a bad bite, also called a misalignment bite. The cause of an overbite is often limited to the teeth. On the other hand, most underbites are caused by a misalignment of the lower jaw, which is present from birth.

A severe underbite causes health problems such as difficulty eating, difficulty speaking, and chronic jaw pain. Because skeletal malocclusion is caused by jaw misalignment, jaw correction treatment also treats skeletal malocclusion. Many people face oral problems because of it, which is why people go for fixing it so that they don’t have to face any problems in the future. Further in this article, we will talk about some ways you can get it fixed easily.

Some Of The Ways Through Which You Can Fix A Misalignment Bite

Let’s check out some ways you can fix a misalignment bite and ensure that you don’t face any problems in the future and have healthy teeth. When you take the right treatment, it will be easier for you to maintain oral hygiene and health. You must scroll down to learn more about it in detail.

Surgery On The Jaw

In severe cases, your dentist may advise you to have orthognathic jaw surgery. This procedure involves repositioning or adjusting your upper or lower jaw and is frequently used in conjunction with orthodontic correction such as braces. Usually, jaw surgery is recommended for those who might have severe problems relating to the alignment so that it can be resolved as soon as possible and they don’t have to feel the discomfort.

If this worries you, know that the recovery time for orthognathic surgery is usually short. It does not take long, and also you get all the instructions relating to the surgery. In most cases, having your mouth wired shut is unnecessary, but it is recommended in some severe cases. This is why it is highly crucial for you to rely on a good surgeon to help you get the best surgery.

Braces For Headgear

They straighten crooked teeth, crowd teeth, and realign misaligned jaws. Retraction headgear braces pull back the upper jaw to correct a severe underbite. To correct a severe overbite, protraction headgear braces pull the lower jaw forward. Braces are usually considered one of the best ways to align the teeth in the right order and achieve the alignment you are planning to get.

Jaw problems can occur if your teeth protrude and your upper and lower teeth do not come together comfortably (malocclusion or a bad bite). This usually causes problems for people, which is why it is always recommended to rely on a good source. If you are in search of one such source that can provide you with good braces and how you must take care of them, then you can check out Collegeville orthodontist and know more about it in detail. Braces, by keeping your teeth in proper alignment and allowing for better oral hygiene, do more than make your smile look good.

Expanders Of The Upper Jaw

This device is used to correct a skeletal underbite. It is used in some cases when there is a skeletal underbite, but it depends. Sometimes without the expanders, the job is done. A jaw expander is a wire frame that is inserted through the upper palate. It works by pulling the upper jaw back to the level of the lower jaw by widening it. It is used to expand the jaw and put them into an alignment that makes your teeth structure look equal to the lower one.

When the mouth is closed, an upper jaw expander corrects underbite, which occurs when the lower jaw protrudes, and the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth. Upper jaw expanders are wire-framed devices that fit across the upper palate. Every night, the patient uses a special key to widen the expander a tiny amount.

Transparent Aligners

Clear aligners are modern braces made of clear plastic, making it a discreet treatment. Clear aligners, like metal braces, push teeth into the proper position. Because they are removable, they are a convenient option. Aligners are usually used for the beginning stage; by them, the alignment can be done easily, but long-term effects might not be seen. This is the reason aligners are not always used for big alignment bites.

Invisible aligners, also known as Clear aligners, are transparent plastic frames of dental braces used to change teeth. Aligners, like braces, are used to straighten teeth. They are somewhat like braces but are a little bit different in look. It is detachable and can be made invisible. They can work on teeth that are warped, misaligned or have incorrect sizes, among other things.

Dental Cosmetics

This is not always recommended as they are not preferred for difficult situations. It requires it to be done by a well-known professional for mild problems. Cosmetic options may be a good fit for your needs if your misalignment symptoms and severity are mild. While changing the appearance of your teeth will not correct an underlying jaw alignment issue, it will make you feel better about your smile.

Cosmetic fixes are especially appealing if your alignment issues are minor or if the changes to your appearance are the most bothersome.


Retainers are an effective solution for fixing a misaligned bite. A misaligned bite can cause various dental problems, including tooth decay, headaches, and TMJ disorders. Retainers work by gradually shifting your teeth into their correct position, which helps to realign your bite.

There are different types of retainers available that can help fix a misaligned bite. The most common type is the traditional wire retainer that fits over your teeth and applies gentle pressure to move them into place. Another type is the clear plastic retainer that is custom-made to fit your teeth and is nearly invisible when worn.

Retainers need to be worn consistently and as directed by your orthodontist in order to achieve the best results. It’s important to follow proper care instructions for your retainer as well, such as cleaning it regularly and avoiding foods that could damage it.

If you have a misaligned bite, consulting with an orthodontist is recommended to determine if retainers are the right solution for you. They will assess your individual needs and create a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

Overall, retainers can be an effective solution for fixing a misaligned bite. With consistent wear and proper care, they can help improve both the appearance and function of your smile while preventing future dental problems associated with a misaligned bite.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to get treatment for a misalignment bite, then you must know that it can take up to 6 to 18 months, and all the treatment options mentioned are some of the ones that give the expected results. When going for treatment, always rely on a trustable source.