5 Famous Horror Film Locations to Visit in UK

The UK have quite a reputation for producing most of the best-selling horror movies. Many locations familiar to the natives are easily recognizable in the scenes. Some of the best horror movies have iconic locations sited within scenes in the movies. Most of these sites are actually open to being visited by fans.

Rather than be a spectator of the best horror movies, why not make the experience livelier. Imagine how breathtaking visiting the site you associate with your favorite horror movie would be. In addition, your gallery and socials would get some new content from the pictures you would take while visiting these locations and tagging the locations.

Visiting these horror film locations would also be a great idea in the Halloween season instead of doing the normal stunts to scare people around. Our list has a collection of horror movies with the associated locations and where sited in the movie. It also guides you on how to get there.

The Omen’ (1976)

You have to watch a good horror movie to pinpoint a location, and ‘The Omen’ gives us just the thrill. The demonic movie has many scenes in London, but some stand out more than others. Some of the famous locations in the movie are Hampstead Heath and Grosvenor Square.

However, the most famous location associated with an equally famous scene is the All Saints Church, located next to Putney Bridge. Here, the Catholic Father tries to warn an American diplomat that his son is the Antichrist bringing havoc and terror.

How to get there: Fans can get there through the District line heading to Putney Bridge.

Dracula (1979)

Having some of the best collection of horror movies by Screenbinge, Dracula wouldn’t miss a spot. In this island castle, Count Dracula gets away with sinister actions searching for an immortal bride. Lucy’s father discovers his daughter has fallen victim to the vampire’s charm and will stop at nothing to save her. Unfortunately, this only puts his life in danger from Dracula.

St Michael’s Mount is a famous site for many in the UK. The castle has been used for countless movies, even from other genres. However, Dracula is our best match as we are looking for a spooky tower to perform scary pranks on our friends or families. The view surrounding the castle is a beautiful site and stunning island.

How to get there: Anyone in Marazion surely knows where St Michael’s Mount is. The man-made causeway from the town takes you to the island castle.

Creep (2004)

Anyone who has watched Creep could not miss the Charing Cross Station. The plot uses the tunnels well to make one of the best horror movies. What could be more entertaining than a chase down a puzzle-like tunnel by a blood-thirsty mutant?

This is exactly what the movie shows, and the starring, Kate, must flee to save her life. It wouldn’t be advisable for visitors to go running in the tunnels as they might lose track of each other. The yellow lines in the station guide visitors in and out of the zone as they enjoy this famous horror film location.

How to get there: Charing Cross can be accessed through Bakerloo or Northern Line. There is a National Gallery in this area, where you could visit to enjoy some creative pieces.

Witchfinder General (1968)

The Witchfinder General is a self-elected man named Hopkins who uses the chaos in the civil strife to get a name for himself. He uses the fast-spreading superstitions of there being witches present in the country and that he can successfully draw them out. His followers gain undeserved favors and force their way to pleasures. Bloodshed follows as the conflict grows from those he wrongly oppresses.

However, what is more interesting about the movie is Lavenham. The city has a medieval setting to date and resembles the historic perception of how the old cities looked and are the actual place where witches used to get executed. Lavenham has been used in a lot of other horror movies, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, among others.

How to get there: The location is 20 minutes away from Travelodge Hotels a long Suffolk. The small city is a great neighborhood to be in and take pictures of.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

The movie was filmed in a traditional Buckinghamshire village in Hambleden. It has the traditional English setting and is also a perfect location for a horror movie that depicts suspense. A streak of murders in a small town called Sleepy Hollow brings a New York City detective to work.

Unfortunately, people in the village already have superstitious reasons attached to the murders, and the word is spreading quickly.

The village is set close to dark woods, making the site creepier as it gets swallowed in the quiet of the night. Nevertheless, it will be the perfect getaway for you and your friends or family if you fancy a little scare. Just don’t go into the woods. Danger lurks in quiet, dark places. However, the village is a beautiful venue for a refreshing stroll during the day.

How to get there: the village is located near Henley on the Thames.


You couldn’t draw any closer to your favorite movies than by visiting some of the places they were filmed. The locations specifically in the UK are breathtaking and enjoyable sites to visit and take creative photos of. They may also work well as a Halloween getaway rather than normal pumpkin gigs at home.