6 Best TV Series To Stream On Netflix In December 2024

Are you stuck at home, trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix? ExpressVPN reveals that this year was a hugely successful one for Netflix, and since the top seven most streamed shows in 2024 are of their production, it won’t be difficult to choose.

If you’re looking for a show you can watch with your friends and family, spouse, or simply on your own, keep reading. Here are some titles perfect for cozy December evenings.

6 Best TV Series To Stream On Netflix In December 2024

Cobra Kai

Source: tvinsider.com

Did you know that Cobra Kai is one of the eight top comedies on television as of 2024 and is an Emmy candidate for Best Comedy Series? True Karate Kid will appreciate this show, which has quite a few elements of the actual movie, looking like a well-done and modern remake. If you want to go down that memory lane and awaken your inner child, this is the one show for you! There are already five seasons that you can binge on, allowing you to truly sink all the episodes in. Cobra Kai Season 5 landed on Netflix on 9th September 2024, and there is a chance that not that many of you have seen it. There will be the sixth season in the following year, but meanwhile, this will have to cut it.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space is for all the sci-fi lovers out there, as well as those craving an energetic and blood-pumping show that will leave you tied to your chair as the story unfolds. You have a bit of everything here, such as a blend of robots, colonists, and a wholesome family with a purpose, who are also on a mission. This show initially aired in 2018 on Netflix, and is now a big hit that you’ll want to rewatch, just so that you can prepare yourself for the new season which will be airing on the 1 of December. In order to catch up you should invest around 20 hours to redo the first two seasons. Enjoy the art visuals and explore new territories, we know that it is going to be a full hit.

Emily in Paris

Something that may suit women a tad bit more, as well as true fashion lovers, has to be Emily in Paris. It is a comedy with a twist, but can also be seen as a chic flick, totally worth watching with your girlfriends. Emily is a Midwest marketing executive who works abroad and in Paris and has found herself in a lot of tricky situations. Those who love ‘love’ will enjoy the first season (which will take you only five hours to complete), as you get ready for the second season which will premier on the 22 of December.

The Witcher

Do you usually love to watch movies or series that have been inspired by books? If so, The Witcher is exactly what you need! Did you know that it was ranked the highest and as one of the best fantasy series on Netflix?! A lot of people love to compare it to Game of Thrones. If you don’t have the time to rewatch all the episodes of GOT, this will suit you! There is only one season that will get you properly started and informed, and it takes around 8 hours to binge through it. The sequel continues and airs on the 17th of December.

My unorthodox life

One of the few reality TV shows to premiere on Netflix in December is My Unorthodox Life.

The show centers on Julia Haart, a fashion mogul and former Orthodox Jew whose personal and business lives are followed.

Fans describe the show as being over the top with clear contrived disputes, which is typical of most reality TV programs. Since it is a new show which is about to come out, we don’t know what to expect. However, if you haven’t had inspiration on what to watch or in case you have already seen it all, why not experiment with something new?

There hasn’t been much information shared about the show, but it is anticipated that all of the second season’s episodes will debut on December 2.

Money heist Korea

We all loved Money Heist (La Casa De Papel).

On December 9, Netflix will release the second season of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. Now, if you love crime & thriller movies, as well as those with a psychological twist, this is for you!

The concept of a brilliant strategist and his followers planning a robbery in the Korean Peninsula is the same as that of the Money Heist spinoff of the original Spanish-language series.

As one might expect, this Korean series closely mimics the original and intends to keep doing so for the second season.

Whether the entire season will air at once or will be released one episode each week is currently unknown, but is worth checking out if you enjoy suspenseful movies.

Time to Stream

And there you have it! These are some of our top picks and must-watch shows on Netflix. If you’re a picky person and you have a specific genre, we’re pretty sure that we’ve covered it in this list, and that everyone will find something that suits him or her. Are you ready to watch it on your own, or will you be doing it with your closest ones? It is up to you to decide!