Hockey Betting Terms: A Glossary For New Sports Bettors

As a new sports bettor, people are always curious about knowing the terms used in various sports betting. One of the most famous games is Hockey, and people are always interested in consuming information about the terms. If you want to gain knowledge, you have come to the right place. From this article, we will tell you every term used. So, you can continue your gambling journey without any problems.

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Professional bettors always suggest beginners first learn the terms before getting into any game. Otherwise, it might become a bit risky as placing bets involves money. If you don’t want to lose your money, you must not skip the part of gaining knowledge. Let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

What are the hockey betting terms that every new sports bettor should know?

Beginners often make mistakes when placing bets. They don’t have much idea about a particular game’s gambling terms. So, here we have prepared a glossary that you can read to improve your knowledge-

  • Money Line: Money Line refers to the odds that show the overall payout if you win. So, whenever you see or hear this term, you can recognize the meaning behind it. In this way, you can save time.


  • Puck Line (Spread): Do you know what a Puck Line is? It means a handicap to win the tournament by more than one goal. In other words, the favorite team needs to win by at least one or more goals.

  • Props: Props are the things that you can place bets on, but they are not teams or players. They might be a part of Hockey. You can find many websites where you can get this opportunity. All you need to do is research well.


  • Exotic wager: Do you know that every sport has different types of bets? You have to select one according to your preferences. The exotic wager is a type of bet that is not straight or parlay.


  • Parlay: Parlays are a combination of more than one outcome. So, if you choose this one, you have to analyze both of them in detail. Otherwise, there might be a high chance of losing money.


  • Grand Salami: Grand Salami is a type of bet on the overall goals that might occur in the match. Many people are usually interested in Grand Salami because it is an exciting one.

  • Team Total: There is another wager that people can try on the number of goals a team will score. You will win the profits only if your favorite team has got the right goals that you had assumed.


  • Double Chance: Almost all the hockey sportsbook offers Double Chance. By selecting this one, you can only win the profits if your selected team wins or ties. However, it is a pretty risky wager as the chance of winning and losing is always higher than ties.


  • Alternate Lines: Alternate Lines are different from other types of betting lines. These include puck line, money line, and more.


  • Period betting: As the name suggests, you can place bets only on a particular part of the game. The overall game is not considered with this one.


  • Favorite: The odds can tell a lot about the team that will win. So, the term favorite means the team that will surely win according to the odds.


  • Underdog: You might have heard of this term quite a few times if you are a bettor. Underdog is a team that has fewer chances of winning the game. This thing is predicted by looking at the odds.

  • Sharp Money: Professional bettors and experts who place bets on the teams are Sharp Money. So, you can recognize those teams by this term. You must keep an eye on those teams that professionals usually place bets on. Why? Because they can help you analyze the best ones in the game. You can also select the if you want to reduce the chance of losing money.


  • Return on Investment (ROI): Return on Investment is a popular betting term. It reveals how much profits you will make if you win. You should always be careful about the same when you are gambling. It is the only thing that can show the overall amount of money.


  • Edge: Edge means the benefit you think you have on a bet. It is essential to take care of the Edge. You can calculate and find out many things.


  • Bankroll: Some professionals always suggest beginners decide a particular amount of money for gambling. Well, that amount refers to Bankroll. If you do not consider deciding it, you might overspend your money. That is why you should not skip this part.


  • Flat betting: Sports gambling is all about risks. If you keep the number of bets the same in every game, flat betting is called. Many people use this type because they think they can earn more money.

What are the tips for improving your skills as a bettor?

It is not a challenging thing for a beginner to earn massive amounts of profits. All you need to do is follow these tips-

  • Live betting is the best option: If you want to learn more, you must always choose live betting. You will see which team is better and why. As a result, selecting a particular team will be quicker and easier.


  • Learn various terms: You should not forget to understand the terms used.


  • Don’t choose your favorite team always: You must keep your options broad. Otherwise, it will be challenging to win.


We hope now you have understood every hockey betting term. You won’t have to struggle a lot, in the long run, to identify the meanings behind them.