Why is Sports Gambling Illegal in Some Countries

Gambling is hardly a new way to spend time and have fun. It has been around for centuries, perhaps even thousands of years if we count any form of wagering. People have always enjoyed backing up their claims with money and making games more interesting by wagering on the outcome. We cannot help it, it is in our nature to want the adrenalin and the blood rush of higher stakes. Then again, having a chance to win more money is always enough motivation to play.

Although different parts of the world developing and advancing at different pace, it seems that the mixing of culture was always destined to happen. Eventually, the east met with the west, and the north and south became aware of one another. The globalization caused most countries to be aware of the existence of others and traditions, cultures, behaviors, and customs also began to mix. What was available in your own country may not be possible elsewhere, so tourists come to experience it. This works both ways.

Due to the different beliefs, both personal and religious, there are numerous movements and ideologies that rule the lives and minds of nations and groups. This imposes sets of rule that differ from country to country. In a world as diverse as ours, it is natural for some places to view certain things as welcome or unwelcome. Gambling is one of these as it is still illegal in many countries. But why is this the case? What prevents the governments and officials from allowing the people to gamble? It is a regulated type of entertainment that brings revenue all over the world, so what is stopping them from doing the same?

In this article we talk more about why sports gambling is still illegal in so many countries. If you are interested in this, keep reading to learn more. It may help you during your travels or allow you to educate your fellow gamblers where they can gamble and where they may get into trouble.

What Makes It Illegal?


Before talking about the countries where gambling activities are on the outsides of the law, we first have to mention what is it that makes it illegal in the first place. More often than not, it is the question of morality and sin. Gambling is considered to be sinful, and although no religion in the world states that it is one of the sins, it is viewed as sinful behavior by those who indulge in it.

Addiction is another reason why some, more conservative countries, outright ban all gambling activities across the board. No casinos, no sports betting, and no online gambling. Due to many people being addicted to it around the globe and throughout history, the governments do not want to risk their citizens falling under the influence and neglecting their responsibilities towards themselves, their loved ones, and the country.

Criminal activity and ties to those who break the laws anyway is another reason why gambling may be illegal. There have always been ways to launder money and casinos often served as fronts for other, less obvious and honest dealings. This made gambling infamous and gave it a bad name, so naturally some countries do not want anything to do with it. By making it illegal, they limit the amount of ways criminals can hide their affairs in plain sight.

Does It Work?


Making something illegal is not always the best course of action if you want to limit it or remove it completely. It actually tends to have the opposite effect. It is argued that banning gambling is a retroactive approach that does not achieve anything those imposing the measures wanted. Trying to protect those susceptible to the influences of gambling by making it illegal often makes it even more enticing and attractive, so breaking the law seems like a good and exciting idea. You can find out more on sites such as https://online-casinos-australia.com/real-money-casinos/.

The safety of individuals is not guaranteed when gambling is completely banned. No matter how illegal it is or how serious the punishments are, people will always find a way to gamble if they want it hard enough. This is an argument that has been popular ever since the first wave of measures was introduced. Moreover, going to illegal gambling establishments and getting yourself involved with criminal organizations either by winning too much or losing to much is more dangerous to a gambler than legal gambling would ever be.

Where Is It Illegal?


While numerous countries and states have laws and rules that limit gambling or keep it within certain limitations, there are not many countries on the planet that made it completely illegal. Only 15 countries banned it outright, so much so that it is considered a criminal offense and calls for prosecution. Again, the reasons for it are different, from religion and ideology, to morality reasons and lower crime rates. Countries where gambling is completely illegal include North Korea, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Algeria, Pakistan, and Vatican City.

Japan, China, and Vietnam also have numerous bans, apart from their traditional games that are gambling in their core but allowed due to cultural importance. Actually, only a handful of the aforementioned countries consider any type of gambling and there are usually some ways around it. For example, online gambling is usually not equal in the eyes of the law as much as regular casino establishments are. This means that you are free to gamble on the web, both if you are a native and a tourist in some of these countries.

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