Securing Your Smart Home: Tips For Hiding And Disguising Your Ring Camera

A ring camera is a security device with the help of which you can supervise the inner workings of your home. You can view the live video from the camera on your tablet or phone using a Wi-Fi connection. You may also save the recorded footage from the device directly on the cloud. There are a lot of people who have CCTV systems both within and outside of their homes these days.

Although these cameras might offer protection and a sense of security, spotting them for anyone who glances up is easy. Many people prefer a hide ring camera to maintain a sense of privacy for their residence. By concealing your ring camera, you can prevent meddling and record any potential thieves. You can monitor your home even in your absence with the help of the Ring indoor camera, an economical and simple-to-use home security solution.

Reasons For Hiding And Disguising Ring Camera In Some Situations


The best thing about this security gadget is that it is convenient to conceal it in almost any place in the house. Considering its small size, you may place it in any area without anybody noticing it. Following are the reasons why you might want to hide your security equipment:

  • You may want to install it for the comfort of visitors. Some visitors might find it unsettling to have their visit captured on video. It is particularly true if the camera is fixed on them for a long time.
  • If a caretaker visits your house to care for a loved one, a hidden camera will help you to keep an eye on them ensuring they are performing their duties properly. By concealing the camera, you may watch them without letting them know they are under continual surveillance.
  • An intruder may attempt to turn off the security equipment if they are aware before conducting a robbery. By concealing it, you may prevent interference with your ring camera and record any potential invaders.

In general, there are multiple good reasons for hiding and disguising ring cameras.

Tips For Hiding And Disguising Your Ring Camera


Here are a few of the most effective techniques for hiding your ring camera:

Make Use Of Appropriate Coverage

Utilizing a tangible cover is among the simple approaches to conceal your indoor camera. It might be an object like a plant, furniture, or even simply a towel that will operate to physically obscure the device from being noticed in any way.

Wall Clock As A Cover

Do you want to disguise the camera in an unconventional manner? Try hiding it behind a wall clock. Choose a clock that is big enough to accommodate the safety camera first and foremost. Gently remove the clock’s casing to prevent harm to its inner mechanisms. Close the clock housing tightly after fixing the camera properly. It is essential that the clock you select blends in perfectly with your home décor to properly hide any suspicion. Verify that the camera’s lens can see the room clearly.

Make Use Of Photo Frames

Hiding a security camera using a photo frame is quite simple. Simply lay the photo frame atop the gadget. It’s ingenious and aesthetically pleasing to cover up a home security gadget by placing it beneath a picture frame. Choose a picture frame with adequate depth to fit the device without showing it from the side.

Remove the rear panel of the frame in addition to any shielding material or coating over the photo area. Position the cam inside the frame, carefully to line up the lens with the glass or a frame opening. Using mounting tape or other adhesives to hold the cam in place may be necessary according to its design. Then select a picture that goes well with your décor and place it in the frame, ensuring it doesn’t obscure the safety gadget’s view.


The image should fit the frame properly and not make the camera’s existence obvious. You must ensure any cords, such as the camera’s power cord, are covertly tucked away. For displaying the frame, choose a suitable spot, like a bookcase, mantelpiece, or side table, ensuring a clear view for the device.

Plants Are A Great Option

Using a real or artificial plant is a quick and easy approach to conceal a security device and add some greenery to your environment. Select a plant having the right amount of leaves to successfully hide the camcorder while without blocking the lens. Place the device inside the plant, hiding it behind the leaves. If essential, you can fasten the device in place using wire or zip ties. You can modify this approach to work in multiple settings with different kinds of cameras.

Make Use Of A Smoke Detector

A stealthy technique to guard your home is to enclose a camera in a smoke detector. To do this find a smoke detector that isn’t working or a fake one having space for the device. Select a small-size safety gadget that will fit inside the case. Insert the security camera into the detector after meticulously disassembling it, and lining up the lens or open part of the cover.

In the end, rebuild the case and mount the device with tape or adhesive. Install the sham camera in vital areas of the house, like the lounge or kitchen.


Consider purchasing a home security camera if you’re seeking a smart and convenient approach to monitor your house. You may want to ensure that your camera is well-hidden and doesn’t attract attention to itself by using the advice mentioned above. Always keep in mind that the finest protection system is one that is difficult for burglars to discover.

Your home’s safety will benefit much from having a compact camera, but it will be even better if you know how to hide it by making it impossible to identify. The beautiful thing about ring cameras is that you can create the ideal hidden camera arrangement with little creativity and imagination.