Top 10 Gaming Technologies So Far

Nothing in the world undergoes massive changes in such a short span of time as gaming technology. Every day there’s always something new to talk about, something new to be launched; at times, the pace is so fast that keeping up or even finding time to enjoy one thing is hard. There have been some standout offerings that have come out the past year. The following are the ones that stood out the most.

Facial Detection

Facial detection technology has been operational for quite a while now, especially in the security sector, where it has made great strides. This is now being incorporated into the gaming world to raise the quality of the gaming experience for the people involved. The technology allows players to create virtual profiles that make use of their exact facial features, this makes them play games with characters that look exactly like them, and that makes the experience much more fun on a personal level.

VR and AR


Virtual and Augmented Reality is not something new; it is a technology that made its debut in the gaming sector years ago with great success. Basically, all you need is to wear VR goggles when playing a game, and it transports you into the game where you get emersed like you are taking part in the game physically. This technology has really changed how people play games, and as time progresses, goggle makers like Fetop continue to make great improvements to their fetoptics products.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is another big milestone that has become handy for those gamers who are too lazy to lift their gaming consoles. Gaming computers are now able to pick up voice commands with increased clarity and efficiency, and this has opened up a new dimension for gaming. There is more security, and people can now turn their whole gaming setup on and off by a simple voice command rather than using cumbersome buttons. What the future holds for this technology is yet to be seen, but the possibilities are limitless.

Improved Graphics


A month ago, AMD dropped their much-awaited graphics cards that have been touted as the most powerful graphics cards ever created. They have improved their solutions of games to such a huge extent that the gaming experience has been transformed forever. People can now clock in better refresh rates on their screen and can play the heaviest of games without any lag or their machines hanging or overheating. Virtual worlds are now rendered in full with so much clarity that it would be easy to mistake them for real images and videos.

Wearable Gaming


Wearables are another sector that is also growing very fast. Smartwatches and smart glasses are slowly transforming the gaming world by introducing options for portable gaming. With smart glasses, for instance, there will not be any need for a display screen; you simply put on the glasses and see everything you need reflected back at you. This allows you to play the game anywhere and at any time without interfering with other people around you. In the future, we may even have contact lenses that are powerful enough to play the roles of high definition gaming screens.

Mobile Gaming


With over 3.5 billion active smartphones worldwide, it was only a matter of time before the gaming world turned its attention to small devices. There are hundreds of thousands of amazing mobile games for IOS and Android phones that are run on very powerful smartphones. This has driven the quality of processors up as every manufacturer is trying to cash in on the demand for mobile phones that are exclusively designed for gaming.

Mobile gaming has completely redefined gaming, which had always been associated with nerds but now just about anyone with a decent smartphone can play any game they want.

Cloud Gaming

The world is gradually ditching solid storage drives for cloud storage. In the past, everything had to be stored in a physical space, but now that has changed. This change has also spread into gaming, what6 used to be sold in physical forms like game cartridges and disks can now be downloaded online and stored in the cloud for access at any time a player needs to use it. This has improved the quality of games since programmers are no longer limited to creating games of a certain size. Cloud servers are limitless, secure, and the games can receive real-time updates, unlike the physical copies that used to be fixed.

Live Streaming

Gamers can now play in online showdowns, complete with a live audience taking part in it. This has become so important to the point where gaming companies like EA Sports are known to hold high stake games involving the best gamers from different parts of the world who play against each other with a live audience watching for prizes that range from huge cash prizes to amazing gifts. This has really improved the stock of gaming, attracting more people, which in turn boosts sales.


As we speak, there’s a new gaming tech being unveiled somewhere, and by the time I finish writing this, another improvement will be in the oven. Technology is an ever-changing landscape, and nowhere is that more evident than in the gaming world. As Sony continues to roll out their newly launched PS5, It is without a doubt that the next 24 months will be filled with all kinds of games designed for a world that is always hungry for more and more.