The Best Ways to Go Viral on TikTok : a Guide for Newbies in 2024

It’s no secret that TikTok in 2024 is a favorite of many. This social network has grown in just a few years – 6 years ago (when the app started), no one could have imagined that the project would become so successful and popular.

Earlier SMM experts said that youth hosting will begin to fade very soon, but this did not happen, the audience of the network is growing every day. According to statistics, most of the visitors are Generation Z, but older viewers also visit it. 1.5 billion monthly active users is a colossal figure. Just imagine: what if you manage to win the attention of a 10% audience? You’ll instantly become extremely popular and improve your social authority!

This is a goal that millions of newcomers strive for, but not everyone manages to achieve it. You see, the competition here is quite high; standing out from the crowd is not an easy task. But this is quite realistic if you’ve a reliable promotion strategy. In this article, we’ve collected the best (proven and effective) ways to expand the audience, make the account flourish and achieve audience recognition. This is what every blogger needs at the beginning of an online career. Read on!

Where to start?


First of all, at the initial stage of promotion, you need to understand who your audience is, what the blog is about and what benefits you can bring to society. You’ll need this information in your promotion strategy – not all ways to attract an audience are universal, some of them are suitable only for large businesses. For example, there is no point in using the platform’s internal advertising if you don’t sell goods or services. Such large investments ($500 minimum) aren’t justified.

First of all, we’d recommend  you make the page attractive to users. What does it mean? Despite the fact that you are a newbie, you still need to show that you’ve already achieved certain results and don’t stop there. The main indicator of success and popularity for each author is the number of fans. But at the beginning of the online journey, your page is empty and looks “raw”. Good news : it’s easy to fix.

You wouldn’t rely on luck and completely trust free ways of promotion, it’s not always effective. Don’t be afraid to invest in your account correctly – buy followers, likes, views, etc. Such investments are justified – in addition to the fact that the page becomes more complete and solid, statistics also noticeably improve. Collectively, this affects how often people will subscribe and videos will get into FYP, this will bring you unprecedented fame and distinguish you from millions of other newcomers. Where to buy? Delegate such advertising tasks only to proven services, such as Viplikes. Otherwise, there are instead high-quality followers /likes/comments and get bots that will hang dead weight and spoil statistics.

What’s next?

Well, you managed to make the profile more solid and statistically attractive, then you need to take care of interesting and trending content. Explore the Discovery tab, here you’ll find all the current trends and challenges. Make it a habit to visit this place at least once a week. This is a necessity if you’ve a goal to achieve virality.

You see, clips that have a lot of reactions (likes, comments, views) and are valuable for viewers are delivered to the recommendations. It’s also important whether the video is watched to the end. If not, then they won’t be in the trends. Promote their visibility – use popular music, participate in challenges and try different effects. But don’t try to be like others and copy celebrities; TikTok users appreciate individuality and sincerity. So, don’t copy anyone, be yourself and follow the trends, it attracts attention.

TikTok is an ideal place to create collaborative content with other bloggers. Use it for its intended purpose! Here you can find a bunch of other creators who are looking for an opportunity to expand the audience too. Offer them mutual PR – this is a real chance to exchange audiences and make themselves known in the thematic community. However, there are a few rules here : don’t cooperate with direct competitors and don’t agree to PR from a newcomer without an audience. Neither one nor the other will bring you the desired result and will not contribute to achieving virality. Your statistical indicators should be approximately the same, then the cooperation will be fruitful and fair.

Being mean on TikTok or using bad behavior on TikTok can bring various negative consequences, both for individuals and the wider online community. Here are some of the potential effects:

Damage to personal reputation: Engaging in abusive, offensive, or inappropriate behavior can tarnish an individual’s reputation. Social media platforms provide a public forum where people can observe and judge others’ actions. Such behavior can result in others perceiving the person as disrespectful, insensitive, or untrustworthy, which can have long-term consequences in personal and professional relationships.

Loss of online connections and friendships: People may choose to disconnect or unfollow individuals who consistently exhibit bad behavior. Friends, followers, and online communities may distance themselves from those who engage in trolling, bullying, harassment, or other negative behaviors. This can lead to social isolation and a loss of support networks.

What content should you create together? There are many options on the site: duets, reactions, joint live. Create a content plan (together with another blogger) and include all these formats. Follow it and try to publish content regularly.

Which methods are effective too?


Go beyond one resource. This is a necessity if you intend to make your videos viral. The target audience isn’t only in the youth network, this is a fact. Most of the active hosting users also visit others: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Your clips should be here to get their attention. Cross-promotion is especially useful if your profile already has several thousand subscribers and many successful clips.

Start with a simple one; post the video to YT Shorts or Instagram Reels and write a link to the original source. Users who appreciate the content will follow the specified link and get to your account. You can also warm up their interest: offer viewers a nice bonus (wish list or guide) for viewing and subscribing. People like to perform simple actions for gifts. Moreover, many well-known creators say that this is one of the most effective ways to attract more new viewers to the TikTok account.

Last but not least, communicate with the audience, try to respond to every comment and answer questions. It may not seem obvious, but this way you strengthen connection with  fans and show your friendliness. Those who are loyal and trust you’ll start sharing your clips and have a positive impact on statistics. So they’ll contribute to the expansion of the fan base and help you achieve your goals. We wish you success!