How to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair – 2024 Guide

When it comes to hair removal, it is one of the many beauty treatments most women have, but depending on the method you choose, it can be more or less painful. This is true for every area of the body, but still, it is usually not advisable to remove the hair from your body and face in the same manner.

This is due to the strength of the hair and sensitivity of the skin. The fact is that nowadays, you have multiple options when it comes to hair removal, which is why choosing the right one for you can be a bit challenging. In addition, some of these you can do yourself, at home, while when it comes to the others, you should leave them to professionals.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular methods, introduce you to them, and provide you with information that will enable you to choose one for you.


First things first, this is the technique most women opt for. This isn’t surprising since it is fairly simple, and all you have to do is be careful not to cut yourself. It is also painless and depending on your skill, you can perform it quickly.

However, the reason why ladies don’t prefer this method is that it is a quick fix, in a way. Basically, the razor only cuts the hair at the surface, which means that they will be visible again in a day or two. Therefore, you have to shave often, and this can lead to skin irritation, which can be quite uncomfortable. To avoid this, or at least minimize it, you need to have a skin routine both before and after shaving.


The main benefit of waxing is that it will provide you with long-lasting results, unlike shaving, since the hair will be removed at the roots. One more thing, you can use this technique on any part of your body and face. In addition, it can also be painful, but this mainly depends on your pain threshold.

Today, there are numerous waxing products on the market, and you can also choose between hot and cold wax. If your skin is very sensitive and you want to do this at home, it is probably a good idea to visit a dermatologist and ask them to help you find the best product for you.

This method requires a bit of practice, so the results probably won’t be perfect the first time. You should apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, hold the skin as taut as possible, and pull the strips in the opposite direction.

Furthermore, since the skin on your face is very sensitive, you should always use wax strips design specifically for it. Don’t forget that the skin will be red and irritated upon waxing, but this will only last for a short period of time.


When it comes to eyebrows and hair above your lips, you can go with waxing, but most women still prefer tweezing for these areas, simply because they have more control and the fact that you can burn your skin if you use hot wax. This might surprise you, but you have to find the right tweezers. If you notice any difficulties with the pair you currently use, it is time to purchase new tweezers. Moreover, the hair has to be of the right length to be able to remove it perfectly, which means that you have to wait a bit between tweezing sessions to let it grow. When it comes to the pain level, this is something that varies. Some women don’t feel it at all, while it can be uncomfortable for others. Similarly to waxing, you should pull the skin to minimize the discomfort.

Depilatory hair removal creams

There has been a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of these, especially when compared to shaving. What these creams do is that they dissolve the hair, so all you have to do is apply the product, read the instructions on the box to learn how long it should be on, and rinse it off.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that these creams can cause serious skin irritation, which is why you should always test them first. Apply the cream to the small area of the skin, and if you feel a burning or stinging sensation, remove it immediately and start looking for another product. What’s more, you should always check the list of ingredients to make sure that certain cream is safe to use. Our advice is to check out the Okdermo store to learn what those ingredients are. Also, make sure to investigate whether a particular cream is intended for body or facial hair because the chemicals included can greatly differ between products.

Laser hair removal

Finally, if you are looking for a permanent solution, you should start looking for a beauty salon that offers this treatment. Putting it simply, the laser penetrates the hair pigment, and over time, it destroys the follicle, so the hair cannot grow back. Generally speaking, six treatments are usually required for this happen, but after each of them, the hair will finer and thinner until it eventually stops from growing.

Yes, this is another technique you can use at home, but not only will you have to invest in a top-notch device, but also, the entire process will take a lot more time. If you have blond, red, or gray hair, this treatment won’t be effective since the laser won’t be able to target the pigment. You will also have to prepare before each treatment, that is, you will have to wait for the tan to fade if you have it, and you also cannot expose that area to direct sunlight, meaning that you cannot go sunbathing during this process.

Lastly, if you want to go with this option, firstly, you have to find an experienced professional to perform it. Even though it appears to be easy, if not performed correctly, it can cause blisters, burns, dark spots, etc. Additionally, not everyone is a candidate for this treatment, so you should visit your dermatologist beforehand and get the green light.