What is the Best Tattoo Removal Studio in Melbourne, AU

We do not always get to reverse the big decisions in our life and get a clean slate. That is simply not how things work really. Most of what we decide to go along with ends up set in stone with no opportunity to redo it, try again, or go back to how things were. This is why people take a long time to decide whether or not they really want something. Once you go all the way there is no turning back. For the topic of our conversation today, that used to be true though.

Getting a tattoo used to be a much bigger decision back in the day. Modern tattoos implied inking yourself forever, with many people regretting it sometime down the line. The thing they had tattooed on their body is maybe no longer meaningful or relevant, they may not believe in it, or it might be offensive and not worth showing. Luckily, tattooing is no longer for life as it used to be thanks to tattoo removal services. Usually, the studios that perform one of the services do the other as well. Where better to have it removed than where they also ink people up?

The problem is when somebody wants their ink removed years, or decades after they had it done. You must choose a whole new studio and hope for the best. How does one do this and how can you know their method will be safe for you? Well, if you live in or close to Melbourne, Australia, you are in luck. In the following sections we discuss tattoo removal studios in Melbourne and help you decide which one is the best. Read on to find out more.

How to Choose?


It is far more important what the studio is like than which one it is. There need to be some boxes checked before you can consider a studio for your tattoo removal to happen. First and foremost, it has to be located within a tattoo studio and not a cosmetic clinic or some other type of business. You want your ink removed by the very professionals who put it on people. They know it inside out, they have the right tools, and the laser technician doing it is after all the best expert on body ink around. Without their knowledge, who knows what can happen.

Next up, you must make sure they have the industry leading laser tech ready to go. Like with other things, not all laser removal tools are the same. They vary in success rate, comfort levels, and how long the sessions last. If you want nothing but the latest in terms of tech, ask around and do some research to find out which Melbourne studio has it.

While doing so, you should double down and make sure to check reviews and ratings of the studios on the web. Experiences from the customers who came before you are your best hope at some honest, first-hand testimonials that will tell you all about their service, experience, care, and overall feel. Google reviews should be enough to tell you what the best Melbourne tattoo removal studio is according to the users.

Last but certainly not the least, the health and safety regulations have to be met by every studio you are considering. This is something you can check on their website, in the reviews, or by visiting the place and seeing it for yourself. There exist guidelines and laws regarding the proper use of tools as well as experience needed for somebody to remove tattoo ink from the skin. Infection prevention is the number one concern, but burns are also possible if the laser is not used well.

The Best Around


Now that you know what to pay attention to and look for, let us examine some of the best studios in the great city of Melbourne.

1. Removery

With great reviews and a rating of 4.9 on Google, Removery is among the largest and most trusted removal providers in the world. During their no-commitment first treatment, you will get a chance to talk to them, get to know the staff, and talk about the process of removing your tattoos. Everyone is different and they make sure the customers understand that. Detailed information about all the steps awaits you here based on your medical history and the ink you have.  They are open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to either 5:30 PM or 9 PM. Located at Level 1, Eastland Shopping Centre, 175 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood, it should be quite easy to find their business. Parking is free up to three hours in the area too. Click here to learn more about them.

2. Ink Anxiety


The owner started the clinic in 2017 after not being able to find a trusted place to remove her own ink. Her husband enjoyed an unpleasant experience at a rival tattoo removal service ending up with scars and burns. Therefore, they decided to open their own. Now, it is among the leaders in the metropolis that is Melbourne. The clients can choose their own time for a free consultation. Once you choose them, you will fill right at home as they take you through the process. They use the best, most versatile, and safest tech around to deliver the service.

3. Australian Laser & Skin Clinics


Available at 13 locations in Melbourne, you can hardly pick a clinic with a more dominating presence. They have offices in Brighton, Moonee Ponds, Ringwood, Reservoir, South Yara, Williamstown, Ivanhoe, Mornington, Camberwell, Hillside, and Oakleigh. No matter the Melbourne suburbs you find yourself in, there will be a place nearby to take care of your ink. The sessions are done with short pulses of amplified light that break down the ink fragments. These tiny specs are then absorbed by the immune cells in the body and eliminated. Their staff is experienced, tech is the latest, and their results are great.

4. Others to Try

Melbourne has no shortage of laser tattoo removal services around. If it is more convenient for you or if you simply want more options, you can also check out Beyond Skin Medi Clinic, Collins Cosmetic Clinic, Doff & Fluxx, EZE Training, iSkin Clinics Australia, Laser Melbourne, PRODERM Laser Skin Clinic, and MySkin Clinics Malvern.