9 Exchange Platforms for Trading Cryptocurrencies Without Paying Any Fees

It is possible to trade crypto assets without spending a single penny through various exchange platforms. Many people risk their money and spend too much while investing in different digital currencies. If you know the right platforms, then you will trade without any extra cost and it will be quite beneficial for you.

In the following write-up, we will consider some popular exchange applications where you can save your money while investing in virtual currency. Using your digital wallet without any additional charges is quite good. Let us start discussing those platforms.

1. GoodCrypto


You can trade cryptocurrencies from any place at any time via GoodCrypto. It is possible to connect all your exchange accounts using an API. The application is available for both Android and iPhone users. It provides extreme security during transactions by providing API keys and fingerprint protection features.

Whenever you reached your target price, you will get notifications for further trading. You can compare the price through charts and graphs and trade as per your preference. Many trading opportunities are quite profitable for you.

2. Crypto.com


It is a perfect crypto asset platform, which offers amazing virtual currency products as well as services. There are more than 1 million users who are using this application for trading. Every person can buy and sell digital currencies. Due to the growing features on this platform, many people are initiating to become a member of this site.

In upcoming years, it will become one of the popular and preferable websites for trading in virtual currencies. People are adopting blockchain technology and getting amazing experience while dealing with crypto assets. For new users, there is no fee for trading for initial 90 days. There is a 50% reduction in the transaction rate for all the existing users.

3. KuCoin


It is another crypto asset trading platform with more than 5 million active users. The platform interface is quite easy to understand and use. It offers great products as well as services, like staking rewards, spot exchange, future markets, etc. You can use credit or debit cards for purchasing digital currencies.

A user can buy plenty of crypto-based assets and trade it accordingly. Within a single click, you can use this exchange service for trading. There is a feature known as Instant Exchange, which allows a user to buy the cryptocurrencies with no trading fees.

4. Blade


In this platform, you can get perpetual contracts of Altcoin and Bitcoin. You can trade them with at least 150x leverage. This application is a resultant by many reputed investors like Coinbase, etc. There are no fees applied for trading money. It is a highly competitive exchange platform, which is adopted by many users across the globe. There is no need for eligibility to access the token for trading without any commission.

5. Digitex


It is a crypto-based future exchange platform with a leverage of 100x. The technology used to build it is the Ethereum blockchain. It is available with outstanding features without spending a single penny on transactions.

There is a huge demand for DGTX-based tokens across the globe. There is no risk of losing profits, and therefore, it is a popular choice among users. The functionality of the platform is quite improved, and it is easy to analyze the data in detail without going through long charts and graphs.

6. Amplify


This platform was introduced in 2019, and it has solved many confusions and complications among the traders. There are many customers of this application across the globe. They can buy and sell crypto assets without spending a single penny. They can check the change in prize and trade accordingly.

It supports more than 14 crypto pairs and supports fast transactions. There are zero commissions for both new and existing users. It is necessary to login into the exchange platform and starts trading. It is a perfect platform for beginners.

7. Shapeshift


Erik Voorhees launched this digital marketplace in the year 2014, which provides amazing crypto services to worldwide users. It provides a secure, and safe environment for trading digital currencies. There is zero commission whenever you transact an amount from one account to another.

Whenever you create your account, you will get free 100 tokens. You can create your new digital wallet and connect it with another wallet. It is possible to use credit or debit cards to buy crypto assets. You can transfer your funds from a digital to your hardware wallet.

8. Lykke


It is a Swiss-based digital exchange platform with millions of users. It provides an opportunity to trade differently like crypto, index, forex, etc. This application supports various fiat currencies so that both new and existing traders can easily trade. You need to spend very little money on transactions.

You can access the platform through a website or mobile application. With the help of its wallet, you can transact money from one account to another. It is easy to convert fiat currency into altcoins.

9. Phemex


It is another trading platform that welcomes all types of users without any trading fees or commissions. You can easily trade any digital currency on this application. Most of the traders belong from the UK, US, and Australia. It supports more than 300k transactions every second.

The funds in your cold wallets will remain safe and protected. The mobile app is quite fast and responsive. The account is available for free for 7days. After that, you have to buy the membership plan for trading without any fees.

The Bottom Line

Many people do not know that various exchange platforms provide cryptocurrency trading without any transaction fees. Many individuals avoid buying and selling digital currencies because they feel that they lose money. Well, many exchange platforms that are mentioned above provide an opportunity to earn a lot of money through investing to its users.

It does not matter if you are a new or existing user. Now, it is quite profitable to invest your time, effort, and money on such platforms. If you have never heard about them, then the time comes up to know about such applications in detail.