Engraved Jewellery – Adding a Personal Touch to Your Accessories

Engraving isn’t a new thing; in fact, it’s been around for millennia with our earliest ancestors often engraving their jewellery with protective symbols and even initials in their own alphabets. A lot has changed since then however, and with modern technology it’s now possible to engrave even the smallest message onto the surface of your favourite accessories.

What is engraving?


In the simplest terms, it’s a unique method of marking a piece of metal, wood, or other material to permanently etch something important onto it. It can be performed in one of several ways; from hand-etching using a rotary tool, right through to laser engraving or even hammering letters on with smithing stamps. The more personalised accessories on the market offer engraving options – and this can be an excellent way to really create something unique.

What can be engraved?

Almost anything. In fact, most jewellers will make it an option to have letters, words, numbers and even images engraved onto an accessory. The size will be important when considering what can be done with engraving, but due to the tiny nature of modern lasers, even the smallest surface can be treated to a unique finish.

What is engraving good for?


Engraving can be perfect for many things, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and even car keys. The ability to engrave metal, no matter the type can allow you to create a personalised gift that is guaranteed to be cherished for years to come by the lucky recipient. In fact, you will learn a lot more about engraving options by clicking this link https://www.nomination.com/uk_en/jewellery/jewellery-engraving

Is it expensive?

Prices can vary depending on the service provider and it’s always worth noting that hand-engraving can be more expensive, but generally speaking it’s a very affordable option and can sometimes be included with the price of the jewellery being purchased. Even jewellery that has already been worn can be taken to a jeweller and undergo engraving for a small cost, making this option a fantastic way to update a ring or even mark a pair of matching rings for a loving couple.

Does it cause damage?

Certainly not. Engraving works by marking the area of the piece of jewellery that the owner wanted to be engraved. Although some of the material will be removed, this is so minimal and it won’t impact the structural integrity of the accessory in the slightest. It’s not like completely cutting a ring all the way through, it’s more like a gentle, strategically placed marking that can make the jewellery entirely unique.

Why choose engraving?

Why choose engraving


Engraving is a great way to personalise any type of jewellery and with most specialists offering to do so at a very affordable price – you could have someone’s gift personalised in a way that they will appreciate for the rest of their life. From wedding bands, right through to bottle openers; whatever the accessory, with a professional engraving service, you could enjoy a completely unique piece that is cherished by its owner.