How to Choose the Right Rose for the Occasion?

What do mom, girlfriend, colleague, and grandmother have in common? We are sure that everyone, regardless of age, will be happy with a bouquet of roses. This is truly a versatile flower. All thanks to tradition and progress. New varieties are still appearing, which differ in color, aroma, and shape of the petals. It is easy to lose your head with such a variety, but FiftyFlowers will help you make the right choice and purchase wholesale roses for your occasion.

Interesting facts about roses

There are many myths and stories about the rose. It is popular all over the world, and the largest number of roses per capita is sold in France – a dozen flowers per person per year.

This plant is actively studied and even sent into space. In 2002, a miniature rose flew into space to study the effect of gravity on its fragrance.

The rose also appeared in the Guinness Book of Records:

  • the largest rose bush grows in the USA;
  • it occupies 740 square meters;
  • about 200 thousand flowers bloom on it;
  • the plant is named after the wife of the Englishman George Banks, who was the director of the botanical garden in London.

All over the world, rose oil is highly valued, which is produced from the petals. It is added to almost all perfume products. The aroma of the rose is considered a good antidepressant, it is used to treat certain diseases of the nervous system.

The oldest rose in the world can be seen in Germany. She survived the war, and although bombing destroyed it, the bush grew again from the old root. The age of this bush reaches 1 thousand years.

The ancient Romans began to massively grow rose bushes. They made rose wine and strewed the marriage bed with flower petals. In ancient Roman texts, only a few varieties of roses are mentioned, and now scientists have more than 10,000. We hope that you like to do something pleasant for no reason. Your loved ones deserve to admire such beauty more often.

How to choose bulk roses for a date?

With the help of a bouquet, you can express a whole range of feelings. If you want to confess strong feelings, pay attention to the following options:

  • red;
  • pink;
  • white;
  • orange;
  • burgundy.

Red roses are a symbol of love. It is not customary to give them to colleagues and girlfriends, such bouquets are intended for wives. Thoughts about the girl do not leave you? Choose burgundy flowers because they signify passion. Most often, burgundy bouquets are given for Valentine’s Day, but they are always appropriate if they match your feelings.

Pink flowers symbolize tenderness and warmth. Light pink speaks of sympathy and admiration, while rich pink mean affection and the desire to be around. Such a bouquet will be great for the first date when it comes to sympathy and the intention to see each other again.

White flowers do not always mean purity and perfection. A bouquet of white roses speaks of admiration, fidelity, and harmony. With the help of this gift, you can talk about emerging quivering feelings and sincere intentions.

Orange color expresses bright feelings and optimism towards a joint future. The peach shade is more restrained and will be a good expression of gratitude for the time spent together.

What wholesale roses to give to mom, grandmother, and girlfriend?


With the help of a bouquet, you can express care and attention, and wish for happiness and prosperity. The main thing is to take into account the symbolism of color and the tastes of the person to whom the flowers are intended.

A good option for a gift to mom will be cream-colored roses. Delicate pastel colors convey warmth, and care, and express gratitude. It can be also shades of pink, yellow, or white, and any soft combinations that look harmoniously together.

A mother who loves unusual combinations and surprises can be given blue or green roses. This will emphasize her individuality and remind you that you are well-versed in her tastes.

Grandmother can be pleased with a bouquet of a rich shade. It can be red, pink, purple, and even orange flowers. It is better to dilute burgundy with other colors so that the bouquet does not look too gloomy. Saturated color speaks of maturity and wisdom, wishes for long life, and good health. For grandmother, you can choose a basket with roses. Such a gift is easier to care for, it will remain fresh for a long time and please the eye.

For a girlfriend, we advise you to choose bright and unusual colors such as yellow, orange, and purple. They express optimism, joy, and happiness, and wish for a good mood. Yellow, contrary to stereotypes, does not bring separation closer. It is the color of the sun, which in itself symbolizes joy and freshness, and is associated with warmth and spring.

Universal colors for a colleague’s bouquet are cream shades. This is a discreet, warm gift that will express your respect and gratitude. In the bouquet, you can use soft shades of pink and yellow. A creative colleague can be given a bright bouquet interspersed with blue, green, and orange.

What colors go with roses bulk order?

A rose is a flower that can be given both separately and in combination with others. The following flowers can emphasize the beauty and elegance of a rose, making it even more expressive:

  • hydrangeas;
  • anthuriums;
  • alstroemerias;
  • lavender;
  • gypsophila.

The rose is very picky in terms of neighborhood. She does not like chrysanthemums, lilies of the valley, carnations, daffodils, callas, lilies, and delphiniums. They can only be used in compositions that are made for a short time. Such a bouquet will quickly wither, although it will have time to please with its fleeting beauty.

The most winning combinations are rose with gypsophila, lavender, and small chamomile. They serve as a backdrop for a large flower and do not release into the water those substances that cause roses to wither. Such a bouquet can stand in a vase for 7-10 days if you change the water in time and add top dressing. Freesia, orchid, and alstroemeria can also become good neighbors. Despite the rather large and expressive flowers, they do not overshadow the queen of flowers, but rather complement her with a delicate aroma.