Elaine Chappelle – Everything You Need to Know about Dave Chappelle’s Wife!

Being the wife of the funniest man in the world – Dave Chappelle is the position many women would want. Not only is Dave kind and funny, but he is also committed to his family. According to various sources, he is the best dad to his three kids. But, would he manage to be such a star without his best support – Elaine Chappelle? Take a look at the following text to find out.

Elaine, as well as her husband, likes to keep things private and lead a normal and peaceful life, despite her husband’s fame. However, some details about the wife of the famous comedian are known to the public.

Elaine Chappelle – Early life

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Born on August 31, 1974, Elaine’s maiden name is Elaine Mendoza Erfe. She was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and she is of Philippine descent. As a teenager, she wanted to become a chef. Her family is Christian, and she grew up according to traditional Christian beliefs.

Marriage to Dave Chappelle

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The couple married in 2001. Before getting married, they were in a long relationship. Once they realized that they wanted children, they decided to tie the knot. Due to the fact that both Dave and Elaine keep their personal life under the radar, the fans did not know about their relationship. Their first public appearance was at a Philippines-American picnic in Dayton, Ohio. Nevertheless, many years later, the couple is still happy and in love. Moreover, they have three children. They have named their two sons Sulayman and Ibrahim, whereas their daughter’s name is Sanaa. The Chappelle family lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Even though this couple leads a very private and peaceful life, Elaine has no problem with her husband’s fame. On the contrary, she is supportive and pushes him further. On top of that she takes care of the children and the house when he is too busy. She has no social media account, and rarely gives interviews, but has no problem when she is the subject of her husband’s jokes. Furthermore, she has attended many red carpet events with him.

In that sense, she is the best support.

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When it comes to her husband’s performances, he often talks about his wife and children. Additionally, he shares some funny stories from their family life and situations. It is obvious that the marriage of Dave and Elaine is perfect.

The estimated net worth of this couple is 42 million dollars.


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To sum up, not many things are known about Elaine, but as it can be concluded from her husband’s stories she is his biggest support and number one fan. Without a doubt, he wouldn’t be so successful and famous if he didn’t have a strong support system at home.