Om Puri Net Worth 2024 – Life, Career, Earnings

Om Puri was an Indian actor. He might be the best known for his roles in films including Aakrosh (1980), Sadgati (1981), Arohan (1982), Ardh Satya (1983), and Tamas (1987). Let’s learn more about his life, career, and earnings.

Early Life

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On 18th October 1950, in Ambala, Punjab, India, Rajesh Puri and his wife welcomed their son Om Prakash Puri into this world. His father worked on the railways and in the Indian Army. Because there was no birth certificate or records, Puri’s family was unsure of his date and year of birth. However, his mother told him that he was born two days after the Hindu festival Dussehra. When he grew up, he found out the exact date of Dussehra celebrated in 1950, so that he could calculate his true birth date. Before that, his uncle chose 9th March as a day to celebrate Puri’s birthday. At the age of six, Puri’s family became homeless, because his father was accused of stealing cement. In order to help his family, Puri’s brother, Ved Prakash Puri, worked as a railway porter, while Puri worked in a local tea shop.

After his primary education, Puri attended the National School of Drama in Delhi, where he studied theatre acting. Later on, he joined the Film and Television Institute of India in Poona. Because of his family’s financial situation, Puri couldn’t pay his tuition fees and didn’t have a decent shirt to wear.

He died in 2017.


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In 1975, Om Puri got his debut role in the children’s film Chor Chor Chhupja. At that time, he also worked at the Actor’s Studio, teaching future actors like Gulshan Grover and Anil Kapoor. Puri’s mainstream film debut was made in the 1976 Marathi film Ghashiram Kotwal. Some of his performances in unconventional roles were critically acclaimed. Those roles include a victimized tribal in Aakrosh (1980), Jimmy’s manager in Disco Dancer (1982), a police inspector in Ardh Satya (1982), a humble husband in Seepeeyan (1984), Vinod’s uncle in Zamana (1985), a leader of a cell of Sikh militants in Maachis (1996), a tough cop in Gupt (1997), and a courageous father of a martyred soldier in Dhoop (2003). In 1999, Puri starred in an Indian Kannada action film, A. K. 47. In 1982, he had a cameo in an epic historical drama film Gandhi. His international fame came from his roles in numerous British films, and also in few Hollywood films, including the City of Joy (1992), The Ghost and the Darkness (1996), and Charlie Wilson’s War (2007).

He has over 250 acting credits to his name. In 2017, he was honored at the 89th Academy Awards in the Memoriam segment for his contribution to Indian and world cinema.

Private Life

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In 1991, Om Puri married director and writer, Seema Kapoor, but the couple got divorced the same year. Two years after, he married journalist Nandita Puri. Their marriage lasted for 20 years. The couple shares a son named Ishaan.

Puri enjoyed cooking and gardening, he even dreamed of opening a Dhaba by the name Dal Roti.

Net Worth

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Om Puri’s net worth is estimated up to $20 million.