The Importance of Customer Trust for your Business Marketing

Your business results may vary, but after you embed Google reviews on a site the overall positive trend is very clear. You should always keep in mind that customer feedback is an important part of your online (and offline) brand life, so it’s best to develop a plan for using them to improve your marketing strategy and increase sales.

Main principles

ClickSend explains that polls are a great way for businesses to gauge customer satisfaction, success of events, and product consideration. For more detailed feedback, surveys can help give a fuller understanding of how your customers or employees are feeling. However, polls and surveys are only as good as the engagement they generate, and the best way to obtain that is via a text blast. Your text blast polls should be interactive and dynamic, and to do so you can include automated responses that allow you to ask for more targeted feedback.

While it sounds attractive, there are a few simple rules you should follow when using customer comments on your business website.

Customer feedback that you include has to be authentic. Some companies recognize the benefits of reviews and try to get them by buying artificial texts online. You can find copywriters offering such a service on any freelancer platform. But there is a problem – such ratings do not work and are easily identified by experienced Internet users. Gathering Google reviews for a business organically will take more time, but this strategy is a lot more effective in the long run. Check this article to learn how you can add Google reviews to your website.

Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of negative comments. A Reevoo study found that 68% of consumers trust reviews more when both positive and negative are presented. In addition, buyers who prefer to read negative reviews are 67% more likely to click on links than other users. Instead of trying to eliminate these, you should build a strategy of dealing with such reviews to show the audience that you care for your customers and listen to them.

7 Ways to Promote through Customer Reviews

1. Check information on third party websites

There are lots of business review platforms these days. Consider placing information about your company  at least on the most popular of them. If your page already exists there, then make sure the information provided is correct.

Take all possible measures to change any incorrect information about your company that is already published. If your profile is not yet on a major site, it is better to create it before someone else does.

When working with third-party sites, play by their rules, respond to user complaints with an official account as soon as possible, suggesting a solution to the problem.

Even if you have a reason to take a different approach when presenting information (for example, if your site is aimed at a certain audience), your brand will look more professional if you can adapt your content to different platforms in order to present your business the best way possible.

2. Invite Users

On your site, you need to make it clear that you are interested in receiving feedback and value the opinions of your customers. Place a static or automated feedback form or popup with a CTA button on every page. If you’re working with animated blocks, make sure they appear often enough for users to comment, but are not too irritative. Make your review forms as simple and clear as possible for a fast and smooth submission.

3. Reach out to the best clients

Get in touch with some of your best clients personally and ask them to do you a favor by writing a short review about their experience with you. Write a note that a review should be concise and easy to read. You can provide some hints, like ask what was especially good and what aspects of your work could be better. Those who want to help but don’t really like to write will appreciate your modest requests, and those who like to write will most likely ignore the wishes for the size of a review.

If you have recently successfully closed a deal, for example, helped choose a good gift, you can remind your customer of this and offer to indicate this in their review.

4. Ask for comments regularly

In addition to requesting comments and reviews on the site, incorporate this practice into your marketing strategy. Email newsletters can be quite effective, especially after a customer has made a purchase.

Make sure your message reaches the buyer after receiving the product, but do not delay sending it: the first impression of the purchase quickly disappears. You can also attach a Thank you card to every order and ask for a comment in exchange for some bonus points, for example.

5. Give something back

As we’ve mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with offering a small reward for a review. Gifts such as coupons are eventually returned to you anyway. And free branded items like t-shirts and caps always delight the public and are a good advertisement.

6. Set up a dialogue

Respond to customer comments, whether positive or negative, especially on social media. It will be enough even just to say “thank you” for a good review. Take negative feedback seriously, express your regret and suggest a possible solution to the problem. Try to indicate that you want to help the client and, if necessary, leave your contact details for personal communication.

Solving problems in public is almost always much better, it brings you closer to the customers. If the communication takes place in person, after the issue is resolved, offer to add an appropriate comment to the open discussion. You can explain what was done, or just say that you were happy to help.

7. Accept the results

You will definitely receive negative feedback, there’s no other way. Be  ready that sometimes situations will arise where it is not your fault. But it might be helpful to you.

Resist the temptation to remove negative comments, although insulting and outright stupid posts are still worth deleting. Never argue with a client online, no matter how wrong they are.

Express your regret and do not return to this issue. Sometimes you just can’t win.


Online comments, reviews and critiques are an integral part of the e-commerce world. If you haven’t made them available on your site yet, it’s time to rethink your point of view. Reviews are useful and it almost does not matter what they say. It should be important for you that customers talk about your company online, as if they were right in front of you right now.