How To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales This Year

Numerous clients who started shopping online because of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are transforming into devoted internet based customers. With a few marketing tactics and business strategies, you can catch the advantages of this pattern to expand your online sales and prove its reliability to your organisation.

There are a ton of ideas out there to choose from, so pick a few that turn out best for your business and get started.

Learn About Your Main Interest Group

To settle on the ideal decisions about your marketing strategies and products you want to understand what your clients want. Whenever you have a physical store, you can have a chat with your clients right there and figure out what interests them. Whenever your clients are on the internet, you need to proactively take more time to find out about them.

Use Analytics To Figure Out How Clients Track Down Your Store

You need to utilise your marketing strategies and time wisely. By utilising tools for analysis like, for example, Google Analytics to investigate how clients who are shopping online discover your products and find your store, you can then better channelise your marketing strategies.

Work On Client Experience

You need to ensure that it’s very simple and workable for clients to find what they are searching for and afterwards buy it. If your analysis shows that countless people are visiting your site and leaving without making any purchase, your client experience might be the explanation.

Enlist close family and friends as the target audience and watch them go through the common process of searching for things and then making a purchase in your online store Search for the points where they struggle or take any wrong step. Typical areas that might need fixing include our product navigation, website search feature and checkout.

Prioritise Customer Service

Clients appreciate the help. Make a contact page on your site that tells you the best way to get in touch with you. Put a chat link if you have one, a telephone number and an email address. To help your clients with finding solutions immediately, add a FAQ page to your site. To reach out to potential clients, you can take the service of a digital company such as

In particular, when clients reach you, answer right away. Since in-person discussion is very rare these days with online stores, take the chance to build the relationship as much as u can.

Give A Chat Feature On Your Site

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, more clients have begun to depend on chat features to speak with online businesses. In case you don’t have a chat option available, add one to your site and check it throughout the day.

Since you can’t be attached to your laptop 24 hours every day, including an autoresponder to tell clients when you will return.

Remember SEO

In a physical store, clients can see your storefront or customer traffic and come right in. But, with a web-based store, you should help them with tracking down your store. You’ll need to explicitly work on improving your search engine ranking for clients to search and track down your business. As a matter of fact, a 2019 Statista investigation discovered that search prompted 65% of all eCommerce meetings. Shopify SEO makes it simple for you to set up your site and pages for SEO.

Make Content

Whenever your customers have an inquiry, they head to Google and search for the response. By making content that gives intriguing and applicable data to your clients, you can promote your brand with people discovering your eCommerce store through Shopify SEO Hong Kong. Rather than writing good things about your products, address normal problems or ways of using your products or services. Assuming you sell pet toys, write about how you can play fun games with your pets or how to treat your pets with abandonment anxiety. Since search engine rankings focus on pages that give reliable and promising content, make sure to compose and create new posts regularly.

Put Client Reviews On Your Website

While it might feel terrifying to allow clients to share both good and bad remarks about your items on your page, adding client reviews can build your reputation and increase your sales. Moreover, even if a product gets unfortunate surveys, it’s an indication that you ought to either resolve the issues or discontinue that item. While adding feedback, let clients leave both a comment and a star rating. Make it simple and practical for clients to write reviews.

The Image Quality Of Your Products Should Be Outstanding

Photographs matter. If you can, invest in a professional photography service to take great pictures that show your items’ highlights. Ensure the photographs precisely address the items, because 22% of online item returns happen when the thing appears to be quite different from the photograph. If you can’t employ a professional, try taking good photographs yourself.

Interact With Clients Through Email Marketing

Email advertising might appear to be old-school, yet it works. By utilising an eCommerce platform that consequently gathers email addresses, you can without much of a stretch offer deals, new items, and tips to your clients. You can likewise gather more email addresses by offering membership or asking to sign up for your newsletter or offering a rebate code. Consider making an email newsletter so your clients hear from you consistently.

Keep Shipping Costs Minimum

With numerous big retailers offering free delivery, purchasers frequently don’t think about delivery charges until they get to checkout. Whenever the situation allows, incorporate delivery costs into your products so you can offer free transportation. If that doesn’t appear to be attainable, think about offering free transportation for a minimum order value or giving a flat rate.

Be Active On Social Media

By reliably sharing quality content via social media that is captivating to your interest group, you can get new clients directed to your store and build loyalty. Hootsuite viewed that 52% of all web-based brand discovery occurs in public social feeds. On Instagram, share great photos or videos of your products or customer reviews and pictures of your items being put into use.