How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Business Website

Is there anything more frustrating than a website where you just can’t find what you need? If you have a business, your company website needs to make sure it doesn’t fall into the ‘too complicated’ category.

If customers don’t find your website easy to use, it’s going to cost you in sales. To give your company the best possible chance of success, spend some time learning how you can improve customer experience on your site.

Ready to learn more? To take your business to the next level, keep reading to find our top tips for improving your website’s customer experience.

Make the Most of Analytics

Before you can learn how to improve customer experiences, you need to learn what’s working well and what needs to be improved.

The key to this is analytics, tracked via a site like Decibel. Analytics can give you a huge amount of data, including the breakdown of audience demographics, best-performing webpages, ranking keywords, and average time on page.

Analytics provide an insight into the customer experience—for example, if your site’s bounce rate is very low, try to work out why customers aren’t staying on your site.

If you have a blog, analytics can also tell you which blog post is the best performing when it comes to driving new traffic to your site.

Use a Live Chat Service

One of our top ideas to improve customer experience is by offering a live chat service. Customers want answers to their questions instantly, so don’t make them wait until weekdays from 9-5.

A live chat service is one of the best ways to help your customers, as it allows them to access support without having to call or email.

A more affordable alternative than hiring a staff member is to try out chatbots. A chatbot is a software program that uses AI to answer basic questions online for customers or point them in the right direction.

If done well, customers might not even realize they’re speaking to a chatbot and they’re sure to appreciate the instant replies to their questions. Chatbots also have the advantage of working 24/7, ideal if you operate across multiple time zones.

Only Use the Highest Quality Photos

Does your business focus on e-commerce? If so, you need to invest in the highest-quality photos and videos of your products.

When customers can’t see a product in real-life before purchasing, they’re dependent on online images to decide if they want to buy. This is why it’s important for your photos to be clear, high-res, and as accurate as possible.

If your product photos don’t look realistic, it can lead to lots of returns and unhappy customers who feel misled, so don’t take the risk.

Improve Your Site Speed

Another top way to improve customer experience involves site speed. You need your website to load as quickly as possible, as customers are in a hurry and don’t want to wait.

Each website is competing against thousands of other similar websites to get traffic, so if a potential customer clicks on your site and it’s taking ages to load, they’re likely to give up and click back to another search result.

Site speed can be complex and involves a multitude of factors, but it’s worth taking the time to understand. Test your site speed online and if it’s not good enough, look at making some changes.

Often, speed can be improved by switching website hosts, moving to a faster theme, or compressing your images so that they load faster.

Include Customer Reviews on Your Site

Does your website include customer reviews? If not, you should think about including them, as they can be useful in convincing customers who are on the fence about making a purchase.

Amazingly, 94% of online customers read reviews before making a purchase. If an online business doesn’t have any reviews, it might seem like the company is brand-new, untrusted, or fraudulent.

Adding a few testimonials or links to your Google reviews can go a long way when it comes to establishing credibility for your business.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Customers want choice and convenience when shopping online, so be sure to offer them options when it comes to purchasing.

Be sure to offer multiple payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, or Stripe. Customers prefer to pay in different ways, so the more payment streams you can offer, the more customers you’ll appeal to.

Think About Your Site Navigation

Your customers want to find what they need quickly, so take some time to check out your site’s navigation. Do your categories and pages seem logical and easy to understand?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine them sitting down to use your website—is it simple for them to find all of your most important pages, such as your About page, Contact Us Page, FAQs, and online checkout?

If not, you’ll need to make some changes to simplify and improve your site.

Use These Tips to Improve Customer Experience Online

Does your business website need some TLC? If so, use the tips above to make some improvements to improve customer experience.

Your website is perhaps your most important sales and marketing tool, so take the time to get it right. This is sure to lead to more satisfied customers, which will increase your sales and generate new leads.

Get started today and turn your website into something your customers will love!

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