Crystal Healing: Unveiling the Fascinating Facts and Science Behind It

Medical practices that do not use standard medical treatment involving diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical agents and surgeries, are known as alternative medicine. Some common alternative healing practices in vogue are naturopathy, chiropractic therapies, yoga, and healing crystals. However, healing crystals remain one of alternative medicine’s most fascinating and mysterious branches.

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A Complete Guide To Crystal Healing


Stones are minerals that are created as a result of natural geological processes. The minerals in the interiors of the earth acquire new physical and chemical properties due to the high temperature and pressure. A lot is known about crystalline stones and their healing power, but much of it remains an enigma. Here are some quirky facts about crystals and their healing properties.

The Origins

Most people believe that crystal healing originated in the cultures of the East. Many accredit that the people in the Mesopotamian civilization used the healing power of stones and minerals to cure many ailments. Likewise, traditional Chinese medicine also makes use of minerals and stones to cure diseases. In India, the believers of crystal-based therapy believe that the stone interacts with the chakras of the patient and, in turn, heals them.

It Is All About Good And Bad Energy

People who believe in the power of stones attribute their medical properties to energies (both positive and negative). Crystals are said to attract positive or good energy and repel negative or bad energies.

The exact way a piece of stone might attract or repel energies is unknown. However, many practitioners believe that the vibrational energy of a particular stone has a role to play. Crystals are made up of minerals that are, in turn, made up of atoms. The atoms within the crystals vibrate, and this vibration is said to synchronize with the vibration within human bodies.

Some Claim The Healing Effect Is A Result Of A Placebo


Many traditional medicine practitioners attribute the healing properties of stones to a placebo effect. Placebo, in simple terms, means a treatment that just makes one feel good without having any practical therapeutic value.

The claim about the placebo effect has been solidified by a study that was conducted in France. In France, a group of people were asked to meditate for some time while holding a crystal in their hands.

Most of them claimed that they felt better after meditating and holding the stone. However, only some people were given real crystals, while others were given fake stones. Since almost all participants reported feeling better after the crystal therapy, the healing effect has been attributed to a placebo.

Contradictory And Complementary To Traditional Medicine

Many doctors do not acknowledge the utility of crystals and outright reject their therapeutic values. However, some people believe that crystals have a calming effect and can be used by people undergoing long-term therapy like cancer therapy.

Many doctors also suggest that the healing effect of the stones may be related to the mineral that they contain. For instance, Amber is a stone rich in succinic acid. Many people associate amber with pain-relieving properties. However, most traditional doctors believe that the pain-alleviating effect of amber is primarily because of succinic acid and has got nothing to do with the synchronization of energies.

Links With Piezoelectricity


Piezoelectricity is the property of a crystal to produce an electric charge when pressure is applied to it. Piezoelectricity has widespread applications, from sensors to the design of cellular phones. Traditional healers believe that therapeutic stones have a plethora of applications just like piezoelectric crystals..

The Healing Properties

Different types of crystals are associated with curing different disorders; some of the common crystals and their effects are listed below.

  • Moonstones

These are widely believed to be useful in promoting growth and inner strength. Apart from this, it is known to have a positive impact on the digestive system. It might help the digestive system by helping in better cleansing of toxins and by better assimilation of food as well. Moreover, some people report that some degenerative conditions of the skin may also be treated with moonstone.

  • Obsidian

It is largely believed that obsidian helps in emotional processing; it guards against negative feelings and allows people to let go. It is highly effective on people who are suffering from conditions like depression and anxiety. Apart from this, it gives a sense of strength and inner confidence.

  • Bloodstone

As the name suggests, this stone is associated with the proper flow of blood in the body. Thus, ailments that affect the circulatory system can be cured to a certain extent by using bloodstones. Apart from the blood, the crystal also has an effect on the lymphatic system. It prevents the formation of pus and helps deal with inflammation.

  • Jasper

Like Obsidian, Jasper helps people by providing support during periods of emotional stress. Apart from this, it is known to balance the body’s mineral content and also aid in digestion.

  • Citrine

It helps a person by helping them get rid of negative emotions and stress. Apart from this, they may also help in building concentration and enhancing creativity.

The healing crystals can be used in different ways, like singly or in combinations.They can be placed on top of the body or be worn by a person who has some ailment.


Some people firmly believe in the healing power of crystals, while there are others who call it pseudoscience. Healing stones may interact with the human body’s energy, or they may heal the body by virtue of the major minerals present in them. Stones like Amber may have an effect due to succinic acid, yet others may actually interact with the energies of the body and work by attracting positive energies.

And irrespective of the large body of criticism, an ever-increasing number of people are using crystals to release stress and anxiety.