How to Book Cheap Car Rentals For Your International Trip?

Traveling across different countries in one go can be quite a challenge, especially if you are visiting some of them for the first time. It can easily happen that you come across something you haven’t seen before. We are talking about all sorts of things, from regulations to strange weather conditions you are not used to.

Probably the most significant thing that requires your attention is renting a vehicle, in case you don’t have your own. We cannot stress enough how problematic this procedure can be. Chances that you will come across some strange regulation in a foreign country are rather high. Also, it can be quite costly.

Those who are experienced with renting cars out know just how problematic this procedure can be. That’s why it is necessary to start looking for rental companies before you even start the trip. In case you are interested in their services, be sure to visit

Now, we want to provide you with some advice on how to keep these car rentals as cheap as possible.

1.  Avoid Airport

One of the first things you will come across when you leave the airport in a country you’re visiting is the option to rent a vehicle at the airport. While this doesn’t necessarily mean this is a good move, it is certainly a hefty one. There’s probably no airport in the world where you can find a reasonable price for renting vehicles.

Sure, this price might not be problematic for your budget if you are coming from a developed country, but you should be aware of the fact that you can always find a cheaper price and the same level of quality. Therefore, be sure to check out whether there is a rental company near the airport.

If not, or those you came across do not have a reasonable price, we advise you to take a taxi to the city. When you arrive at a certain location, you can start looking for these companies. Thankfully, all major city in the world provides us with numerous options when it comes to renting cars. You can compare the prices of numerous companies before making a choice.

2.  Pay Attention to Insurance

The next element that requires your attention is insurance. You will be happy to know that there is more than just one possibility to choose from. For instance, you can count on your travel insurance to cover all the potential damage to the vehicle. At the same time, personal car insurance can fill the same gap.

If you do not have either of these, then you would be required to pay an additional fee. The average sum goes between $10 and $30, depending on the model and company. If you do, make sure you bring the relevant documents with you and show them to the clerk at the rental company.

Without having them with you, it is not possible to give them proof that you are eligible to receive the insurance without additional payment. When you see what the average additional insurance fund is, then it becomes obvious that providing your insurance is something that you should utilize.

3.  Economy Vehicles

In most situations, you will see that economy vehicles are cheaper than practically all others in front of you. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that they are going to be booked instantly. Therefore, you cannot always count on getting these, especially if you are not fast enough.

Naturally, economy vehicles are usually smaller than basic ones. That’s why you should look for those who can fit all your gang inside a vehicle. We don’t believe you will have too many problems with finding these, but it is a thing to keep in mind. Plus, think about where to keep your luggage.

Sure, you can always look for an upgrade, but we wouldn’t advise it for the simple reason that it can be quite costly, depending on which you opt for. We would recommend you utilize a patient approach and invest at least an hour going through the lists before you find something that complements your needs and preferences.

4.  Avoid Prepaying Gas

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about rental cars is that they should prepay gas. It’s quite simple, it is much easier for them to do that and not to think about it while they are on a trip. In fact, we can see that this is easily among the biggest scams out there, which can cost you more than needed.

Naturally, no company in the world will not offer you this possibility. Instead of accepting these terms, we advise you to fill the tank before you return the vehicle after your international trip is officially over. Make a calculation and you will see how much money you have saved because of that decision.

5.  Not Adding More Drivers

Last but not least, we want to point out the mistake of adding another driver. Of course, traveling through a couple of countries, especially bigger ones, can take a toll. That’s why adding a driver to the contract might seem like the way to go. We don’t advise you to do that.

It’s quite simple, a simple addition of an additional driver can cost you more than $10 per day. The price will not change if that extra driver doesn’t drive at all. Therefore, we don’t believe there’s a reason for you to waste your money on something like this, which can turn out to be completely insignificant.

If you feel like an extra driver is necessary, then we advise you to look for companies that can offer this service for free. While this is not a common occurrence, maybe you are lucky to find the one that offers a discount of this sort at the moment.

Closing Thoughts

Finding cheap car rentals for international trips doesn’t have to be as complex as it may seem at first. In this article of ours, we’ve provided you with some tips on how to achieve it relatively easily.