Can You Save Your Marriage?

A failing marriage can feel devastating, mainly if you’ve been together for a long time. You might wonder if divorce or separation is the only answer, but that depends on what’s causing the issues in your marriage.

Left unaddressed, these things can worsen and eventually destroy your relationship.

Marriage counseling can help you and your partner work through marital problems before they become too intense or permanent. So, can you save your marriage? If a professional helps you and your spouse work through your struggles, then yes!

Read on to learn why engaging in a therapeutic relationship is important.

Assessing Your Issues


Identifying the problems accountable for the breakdown of your relationship is essential. Review and understand common threads or behaviors that have negatively affected your marriage. After discovering them, become aware of what could have been done differently to live in peace and harmony.

Additionally, take a step back, learn from past mistakes, and become open-minded to reconciliation. Being open and honest with each other can help establish a strong foundation for a new beginning and restore the joy of your marriage.

Practice Forgiveness

When a married couple faces a difficult situation, the most important thing is to practice forgiveness. While it is often easier said than done, the effort put into forgiving your spouse can save your marriage. When one or both spouses have wronged the other, learning to ignore them can help to ease resentments and create a clean slate in the relationship.

It can be hard to forgive and forget, but with a solid commitment to the marriage, it is possible to forgive and move on. It can help to rebuild a robust and healthy relationship and save the marriage.

Working on Intimacy


Intimacy is the deep connection between two people that forms when they share their feelings, thoughts, experiences, and desires. It is not just physical bonding but also includes emotional and spiritual connection. When this bond is weakened by poor communication, a lack of understanding, or deep-seated issues, it can be challenging to save the marriage.

However, couples can work together to rekindle the intimacy they once had. They can make efforts towards connecting on an emotional and spiritual level.

This will help to bring them closer and foster understanding and respect. In doing so, it is possible to save the marriage if both partners are willing to work on the relationship.

Enjoy Spending Time Together

Spend quality time together without distractions or disruption. Take your partner on a particular date or plan a weekend out of town.

Get away from the everyday stress and enjoy each other’s company. Talking and communicating allow for a strong connection between partners and a better understanding of one another’s needs. Establishing a system of weekly date nights and taking time to relax or connect allows both partners to feel fulfilled and appreciated.

Production of endorphins, the body’s natural happy hormones, can help to decrease stress and strengthen the connection between partners. It allows you to reconnect, deepen your relationship and ultimately save your marriage.

Use Kindness


It is possible to save a marriage by being kind to each other. Being kind and focusing on the positives and the future is essential. An excellent way to start is with an apology. It is a gesture of understanding and can be a foundation for meaningful conversations.

Verbal kindness and sensitivity are also paramount. Try to act from the heart and demonstrate your understanding of how the other is feeling.

Use body language to express kindness. It is possible to save a marriage by being kind and considerate towards each other.

Be Gentle

You must be willing to make an effort in your marriage. Work through difficulties with patience and gently express your feelings to your partner. Being gentle doesn’t mean being passive in your communication.

Listening to and understanding each other’s perspective goes a long way in a relationship. It means that you should express yourself in an understanding and compassionate manner. Consider that this person is not a mind reader and cannot always anticipate your needs.’

Respect and kindness are critical to a successful marriage, marriage counseling too. This means being patient and not reacting in anger or lashing out. It can help you move forward and save your marriage.

You can avoid the hurt and disappointment of not speaking up with a little effort.

Stop Making Assumptions


Making incorrect assumptions about our partner can lead to miscommunication and resentment. It is healthier for spouses to talk openly and honestly about their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

Open communication allows spouses to understand each other better. This has more meaningful conversations, resulting in solid trust, respect, and connection. It is possible to save a marriage, but couples must be willing to commit to working on communication skills, confidence, and relationship.

Looking for Positives

Couples need to look for the positives in the relationship and try to build on them. Think about what renews your love for each other and do something to nurture your admiration. Remind each other of all the good times you’ve shared, and think about all the triumphant moments you’ve had in the past.

If you want to save a marriage, appreciate each other and their hard work in keeping the marriage alive. Regularly find reasons to be celebratory. As a couple, do an activity together, something you both find fun.

Going for Marriage Therapy


Therapy provides a safe, impartial space where marriage members can express themselves, get to the root causes of disagreements, and find creative solutions to managing differences. Therapy also helps couples better understand each other’s perspectives, which leads to more respectful and open communication habits.

Counselors experienced in marriage therapy can help couples learn to resolve conflicts and differences healthily. Consulting with a marriage helper does not guarantee a saved marriage, but it can be the conduit to building a healthier union.  Find an experienced marriage counsellor such as those from A Kind Place and start saving your marriage now.

How Can You Save Your Marriage?

The answer to “can you save your marriage?” is yes. Don’t give up on your relationship yet – put in the hard work and effort necessary to see if you can save your marriage! Never be afraid to seek help if both parties cannot work it out independently.

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