5 Pros and Cons of Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds

You decided that you want to grow cannabis, you have checked to see if it’s legal in your state and now you’re researching what all you need to do to get started. While getting started shouldn’t be too expensive, it still happens that while you buy everything you need, it significantly exceeds the budget that you have saved for this activity. You can save on different things, and what many choose to be what they will save on is seeds. Of course, if you have chosen to cultivate from seed rather than using a clone. There is a large offer of cheap seeds, especially online, and it is a double-edged sword. As good as it is for you because you will not have a problem to save money, it increases the likelihood of making a mistake when buying. Because seeds are very different and that is why it is important to find out as much as possible about it before buying. So we will give you all the necessary information about it as well as the pros and cons of buying cheap cannabis seeds, which you can find on the websites like Zamnesia.com.


Basics you need to know before you start

There are some general things you need to know before you become a cannabis grower, no matter how much money you invest. Marijuana has sex, so it can be male, female or hermaphrodite. What you want to get, and that is bud, you get from the female type of cannabis. It is important to separate the male from the female plant because the male plant reduces the potential of the female plant, and this does not benefit you. Hermaphrodite plants have both a male and a female part, so it pollinates itself. You need both to get started or to be precise, male to pollinate female. It is advisable to start growing this way, not a clone, because you will get a far healthier plant and thus a better quality product later, for any purpose.


There are three types, and you have to decide which one to buy, before you start looking for the best bargain. There are regular, feminized and auto-flowering and you can roughly guess which one is which because we explained the gender to you in the previous part of the text. But here’s more:


This is a classic type of seed, where nothing has changed. There are both small and female and you don’t know to what extent they will be both. You must learn to distinguish the sexes of the plant, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to work with this species. And you know, removing small plants will accomplish nothing.


This is where the process of feminization took place, which is not natural, and it is done in order to get as much as you want. Such plants cannot become hermaphrodites. This way you will get the most buds and you also don’t have to learn to differentiate.


Unlike the previous ones, which depend mostly on light, here age is the most important for growth. They are very easy to grow, so they are also recommended for beginners and grow well in outdoor conditions.


Pros of buying cheap cannabis seeds

1.The price

This is a logical advantage from which we will start. As with anything else, the price varies significantly. But that doesn’t mean that the more expensive the better. Very often this is not the case, but the price is dictated by other things such as brand, market, marketing and the like. So if you do not jump to the first offer, but research in detail, you can get the same quality at a much lower price. There are plenty of cannabis strains that are cheap and give a high yield. Click here to see what those strains are.

2.You help lesser-known brands

As we said, the most common reason why some seeds are so much more expensive is the brand. And then you think it’s actually because of the quality. They have strong sponsorship contracts and everything else that has nothing to do with the quality itself. We are not saying that well-known brands are offering poor quality seeds, on the contrary, but the price is usually too high. Especially in this industry where there is a very small number of well-known brands and the competition is small. That’s why it is good for you to help lesser-known brands by buying from them. And how will it pay off for you? So by saving now when buying, and also over time, these brands will strengthen and create competition, which will lead to a drop in prices on the market.

3. You will get a great yield

Studies were conducted where the concentration of THC was measured, as well as the yield obtained from more expensive and cheaper seeds. To the surprise of many, the research showed the same results for both. A few cheap strains like Shalom, Critical Mass and Giant Bud even gave a higher yield than some expensive strains. It’s proof that you just need to do your homework well and research the offer. And not to buy the same as everyone, expecting magical results from more expensive seeds.

Cons of buying cheap cannabis seeds


4. You can buy trash

Of course, the risk lies in the fact that you can buy seeds of very poor quality that will give you almost no yield and that is why it is cheap. The sellers realized that it was of very poor quality and they just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Then you will get a plant with a very low concentration of THC, bad taste and the like. It also happens that the seeds are not nicely separated from everything else and that you actually get something reminiscent of trash. Be careful not to buy something that would otherwise end up in the bin. That is why you should only buy from respectable sellers.

5. Risk of getting mixed strains

It happens that you buy the strain you want, and you actually get mix of different seeds. The seller had a few of every seed, not enough to sell anything separately and then he mixed them up, and for that reason he put a low price. Or it even happens that they lie and say that they are selling you what you want, and that you get something completely different. This is especially a problem for beginners who will not be able to distinguish what they have bought.


Buying cheap cannabis seeds has many more advantages than disadvantages. Just be careful where you shop and educate yourself before embarking on the whole process.