6 Reasons why Bongs are a Great Birthday Present for Stoners

Never in the history of mankind has marijuana consumption been so widespread and mainstream as it is today. While cannabis was demonized until recently, we now have a trend of legalization almost everywhere in the world, especially in Western countries. Many benefits have been proven, and the harm is certainly less than with cigarette consumption. Precisely because of so much prevalence and growing legality, we all have at least one person in our environment who consumes weed on a daily basis. Such people are usually called stoner because they like to smoke weed and relax that way. If their birthday is coming up soon, you’re probably thinking about what would be best to buy them. First, various things related to their “hobby” come to mind and it’s hard for you to decide what’s best, especially if you don’t share the same interests when it comes to cannabis. We will tell you that bong is the best choice. And what the reasons are why this is so, read below.

What is a bong?


If you are not a stoner yourself, it is possible that you have only heard of bong, but you do not know exactly how it works. It is a pipe at the end of which there is a water tank. It resembles a water pipe, but it is still different. First of all, bong is primarily used for smoking marijuana, unlike water pipes, which are mostly used for tobacco. Put marijuana in the bong, light it and then the smoke cools as it passes through the water. That way you get a very pleasant smoking experience, much better than with a joint. They are made of various materials, most often glass, silicone, metal, ceramics and many others.

Reasons why it is a great birthday present

1. They are not very expensive

This is definitely an important factor when buying a gift for someone. As much as you love that person and be close to you, you can’t spend a fortune on a gift, but you have a limited budget. Prices of bongs vary depending on the material, manufacturers and many other things, but for about a hundred dollars you can find very good ones. In this price range, you will be able to find bongs made of all materials, and silicone ones are usually the most affordable. But if you want to buy glass or some other, try this bong shop because there, all models they offer are under 100 dollars. Anyway, for a reasonable amount of money you will buy the perfect gift.

2. They are a great decoration


Although of course the basic purpose is different, one should not ignore the fact how beautiful bongs are and how they will be a great decoration when not in use. Stoners like their room or the whole home to be decorated with marijuana motifs and related items, so this will delight them and further enhance the look of their home. Bongs are so beautiful and diverse that they can find their place in homes of people who are not stoners. They are made of various materials, so the design and colors vary greatly. For example, ceramic ones are always very beautiful and of various colors and shapes. Then there are the ones made of bamboo, which is usually harder to find, but for those whose home is decorated in natural motifs, this will be a great addition. That is why it can be seen as a tableware that has beautified houses and yards for centuries.

3. They will be grateful when they don’t have to clean

Whenever marijuana is consumed, the room must always be cleaned afterwards because ash remains as well as traces of cannabis itself. No matter how skilled the stoner is in consumption, it is inevitable. And if you have ever tried weed, you know that after consumption, you won’t be in the mood to clean up the mess left over after consumption. So when that moment comes, your friend to whom you are buying a bong will be very grateful to you. And the reason is that after using the bong, there is no mess left. All you need to do is clean the bong, but it doesn’t have to be done right away, although it is advisable not to retain odors and dirt.

4. Great experience

Many stoners initially have an aversion to bong because they think the smoking experience is worse than when consumed joint. But that is not true. Experience is the same, if not better. And what is important, it does not vary according to the price of the model itself, but it is always equally good, at least in the beginning. Later, models made of different materials can slightly affect the taste.


5. It’s healthier

Consuming weed is certainly much healthier than consuming tobacco, for example. But not every inhalation of smoke can be completely healthy for our lungs. That is why it is best to smoke smaller amounts because then there is no danger to your lungs. And to strike a balance between what you want and lung health, it’s best to take more potent marijuana, because you’ll be able to smokeless. For consuming more potent marijuana, a bong is the best choice, so with less smoking, you will get the same effect.

6. You can control dosing

No matter how many times he smoked weed, dosing is always a potential problem. First of all, because of the specifics of each plant, but also because it is dosed approximately, without first accurately measuring the amount. The joint is always of different sizes and that is why it is very difficult to determine the dosing. With a bong, it is much easier to determine the dose, because after a couple of uses you will know which amount is ideal.


As you can see, for many reasons this is an ideal gift if you have a friend who is a stoner. He will enjoy this gift more than anything else. So go ahead and buy him one.