Brentwood Mission-Style Futon Sofa Sleeper – 2024 Review

Saving as the perfect sofa during the day and the perfect bed at night. The Brentwood Futon frame provides the ultimate in versatility and comfort. Available in several wood designs.

Brentwood Mission-Style Futon Sofa Sleeper

Brentwood Mission-Style Futon Sofa Bed Sleeper


The mission style Brentwood is easy to accessorize and boldly complements your room decor. Very durable frame: frame can handle up to 750 pounds of distributed weight. Durable hinge mechanism provides an easy convert from sitting to sleeping and back to sitting. 

Frame arms are solid wood finished with a 7-step precision process for a durable finish. For even and consistent mattress suport, the seat and back decks feature a black steel alloy grid style ; no feeling the bars ever. Futon mattress sold separately.

  • The black steel alloy grid style seat.
  • Enhance the beauty of your room.
  • Innovative engineering enables a sofa to fit through any doorway.


  • sleeping dimensions: full 54” wide by 84” long,
  • queen-size 60” wide by 89” long,
  • 25” arm height,
  • full 32” back height,
  • queen-size back height 38”
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 8″ loft innerspring pad
  • Kid-proof/pet-proof Microfiber Suede material
  • Hardwood construction for sturdiness
  • Construction quality may be higher