8 Best Birthday Gift for Grandpa Under $100 in 2024

When a person reaches his golden age, he probably already has everything he needs in life. Finding a present for grandpa can be challenging since his life now is mostly about doing the stuff he likes like fishing, photography, relaxing, working on some projects in his garage, or coming up with creative ways to spend time with his grandkids. All of this can serve you well as an inspiration for grandpa’s next gift. In case you’re still in doubt, let us help you. Keep reading and you might find something that will fit perfectly into your papa’s lifestyle.

1. Crocs

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If grandpa is an outdoorsy type, or just works around his garden every day, Crocs are the most practical gift. In case he has one, he can always use another pair of these comfy and durable shoes. Based on his affinities you can pick from the vast variety of different colors, styles, and add-ons. Look for more personalized gifts at giftwits.com. If your beloved papa lives in an apartment or doesn’t spend much time outdoors, you can always go for the furry ones that will keep his feet warm during winter months.

2. A robe

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This probably goes under essentials, but you can never have enough robes, right? Guys in their golden age tend to make their life as comfortable as possible, and there is nothing comfier than a fluffy robe. This is a timeless gift that your grandpa will wear daily thinking of you every time. If you’re willing and able to purchase a high-end one, even better! They are made of high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

3. Book subscription

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Very few grandpas keep up with the ever-evolving technology. Reading news on tablets doesn’t come naturally to him and we totally understand that. Kindle is not something he enjoys either, since there are no pages to turn, and he cannot feel the paper underneath his fingertips anxiously waiting for the next page or chapter. Old-timers don’t appreciate the change very much and like to keep their life long habits undisturbed. To satisfy their need to stay old-fashioned while still being in the loop, you can pay a subscription for service that will deliver him a book-of-the-month, every month. In paperback or hardcover. If grandpa likes to read, and most of them do and finally have the time, this would make a magnificent gift that he will be thankful for.

4. Sports fan

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Grandpas are usually easygoing lads, who, at last, have the time to watch every game of their favorite team. They can scream at the top of their lungs too since no babies are sleeping no more, they did their due diligence when it comes to their kids. If your papa is one of those fiery fans that can finally unleash his inner cheering you should consider buying him some sports gear. Caps, beanie, jacket, or any other stuff in his favorite colors will make him happy. Not only it will display his love for the team, but it can also be useful in cold weather. Any way you cut it, grandpa’s going to be pleased.

5. Bags

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Now, this is a broad topic. In case grandpa loves to take weekend trips, a duffel bag would be perfect with a lot of small side pockets where he can sort out his belongings. On the other hand, if he likes long walks in the forest preserve or around the block, you might want to get him a smaller bag that is enough to hold a phone, wallet, and a bottle of water. However, if grandpa is living large, traveling the country, or even better, the world, crossing off destinations from his bucket list, you might want to get him a nice handbag or a backpack. It all depends on the kind of person he is or the life he is living. But bags are never a lousy gift, everyone needs them, even when just shopping around in a local store. So, consider buying something practical that he will be able to use for years to come.

6. Fitness grandpa

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Some people are physically active their whole life, and they don’t plan on slowing down even in their late years. If you’re lucky enough to have a grandpa like this, buying a gift for him is a no-brainer. A fitness tracker! You can choose from many different brands, with various features. Even the simplest ones can do the trick. They will keep track of his activities whether he is walking the dog, going to the store, or jogging. The little things can measure his steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and distance. Active, fit grandpa will fall in love with the thingies that can tell him everything he wants to know in a matter of seconds.

7. A writer

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People who have a knack for writing or always wanted to pen down some of their thoughts will appreciate a nice personalized pen. If you want to go the whole nine yards you can get him a 10KT gold-filled ones that are guaranteed to last. An avid writer or a person who loves to keep everything in written form will be over the moon with a specially designed only for him. He will always keep it close, and next to his heart. So, if you can, get him a golden pen for his golden words that will stay embedded in his notebook for generations to come.

8. The grumpy grandpas

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Your grandpa doesn’t want anything. Nothing can make him smile let alone happy. Don’t worry, there’s a gift for him too. Sign him up for the Masterclass. Seasoned celebrities took part in this series delivering stories that your grandpa can surely relate to. They are all experienced in their line of work, and life in general. If papa can’t find the common ground with you or anyone else in the family, he will definitely find something to nod about watching this service. So, for all the grumpy grandpas out there, gift them a show that they will find inspiring and finally find themselves someone who can understand them.

9. Manly Man Bouquet


Grandpa s deserve well-thought gifts. Give your grandpa an edible bouquet. Ever dare to give something that’s not only one of a kind but super tasty as well?

Check this out today and make your grandpa the happiest granddad of all. This beef jerky flower bouquet can be ordered at the Manly Man Co. website.