5 Cheapest Homes in Hollywood Hills in 2024

Everyone dreams to live in Hollywood Hills and to be neighbors with the most popular celebrities, but not everyone has a chance for that. The most popular belief is that the houses and apartments there are very expensive and not everyone who wants to live there can actually afford it. As we know, the popular actors and movie stars are buying huge houses or villas with pools, private jets, luxurious features, nice looking architecture, and expensive furniture. But, not everyone knows that Hollywood can also offer some more economic solutions, only if you know which real estate agent to contact.
If you are interested in buying or renting a home in Hollywood Hills, we recommend you to check the local agency, so you can find a good offer. Also, we tried to list a few recommendations we found online, so you can have some starting point when looking for your new home.

1. 6002 Graciosa Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

img source: trulia-cdn.com

This home costs $1,782,117 and offers three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It may not be in the center of the Hollywood Hills, but it’s close to a few schools, including the Hollywood Senior High School. It’s one of the cheapest options in this area since it offers pretty well-living conditions. It features a nice garden and exceptional interior, waiting for the new owner to move in.

2. 6708 Hillpark Dr APT 104, Los Angeles, CA 90068

img source: redfin.com

This is actually a big condo with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, located on the west side of the area. It’s surrounded by a beautiful hillside nature, and it’s close to the best restaurants and stores. You don’t want to miss this offer, knowing that its price is much lower than the average real estate rates in this area. You can have it for $558,800.

3. 1940 N Highland Ave APT 23, Los Angeles, CA 90068

img source: zillowstatic.com

This is another one stylish condo with two bedrooms, located in the heart of Hollywood. The interior is pretty elegant, but you can always update it if you don’t like it, because this home is worth $599,000, and you get a lot for that money. It’s also close to some elementary, middle, and high schools, so it won’t be a problem for your children to take a walk, without having to wait for an organized transport to get to the school.

4. 6934 Treasure Trl, Los Angeles, CA 90068

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This is not a huge house, and may not look very attractive from the outside, but once you visit it, you will see that it’s a charming small house with one bedroom and one bathroom, with great furniture and interior designs. You can have it for $699,000 and we guarantee a lot of popular people will pass here every day since some studios will be close to you.

5. 1927 Pinehurst Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90068

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This is a charming place that can be yours for $798,889. It’s actually a bungalow style, that is adapted to modern architecture. It’s very close to the Hollywood Heights neighborhood. The building is pretty old, but it was renovated a few times. But, anyway, many of the original features are saved, so you can feel the spirit every time you take a breath while sitting in your yard.

Living in Hollywood is expensive and not everyone can handle that expense. Burglars and small criminals often pay visits to this area, knowing that the homeowners are usually not at home, so they can use the situation and steal something worthy to them. Even though it’s a highly maintained area from the safety services, you may need to think about replacing the lock after you take them home from the real estate agent.

Many people think that living a high-level life is safe too, but they need to be ready for unpleasant situations, including loud parties, drunk people, private parties in the neighborhood, or even the presence of the police there, knowing that some rich people consume drugs or cause problems with their behavior.

Before you move, you may need to think twice if you prefer living in a loud celebrity neighborhood, or you want to stick to your ordinary habits in your calm and comfortable home.

Which celebrities live in Hollywood Hills?

img source: stylist.co.uk

It’s estimated that in this area live almost 23,000 residents, and some of them are very famous and popular. If you decide to move in this neighborhood, you can expect to meet a lot of celebrities, including actors, singers, band members, directors, such as Christina Aguilera, Camila Cabello, Billy Idol, the top model Gisele Bundchen, the Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix, the actress and singer Anna Kendrick, the controversial celebrity Lady Gaga, the popular “friend” Mathew Parry, the one we all love – Keanu Reeves, and the comedian Rebel Wilson. The director Quentin Tarantino also owns a home there, and his latest movie was also inspired by this neighborhood and the tragic story of the actress Sharon Tate.

But, don’t try to go for any of these celebrities, because their bodyguards and security services are always with them. Also, you don’t need to give up on your idea to be a part of this community, because it can easily happen that some of your popular neighbors will approach and want to meet. On the other hand, they are not always in their homes, because they often need to travel for work.
Once again, we recommend you think twice before you move there because you can’t hope for calm and comfy life with all those celebrities around you. This status also doesn’t make the area safe from criminals, and changing your locks and install a security system is a must. Anyway, we hope you are sure that you want to adopt this lifestyle, so we are wishing you luck in the process of finding and buying a new home in an area like this.