4 Best Travel Laundry Detergent in 2024

One of the worst things about traveling is dirty laundry, especially on longer trips. After a while, it seems that half of your luggage is filled with dirty clothes and that is just dead weight since you can’t wear them anymore. Since you have to plan for it, that also means you have to pack extra clothes and by the end of your holiday, you are reduced to picking through a mountain of dirty clothes to find something presentable to wear. Throw in a couple of kids into the mix and the whole thing turns into a nightmare.

The solution is ridiculously simple. Pack less and wash your clothes while traveling. But if you are going abroad, you can’t rely on finding your favorite laundry detergent and since the instructions are on foreign languages, you risk buying ga wrong product and ruining your clothes. Instead, buy one of these travel laundry detergents and all your problems will be solved.

1. Breezeo Laundry Detergent Strips

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Breezeo Laundry Detergent Strips are the epitome of convenience. They are easy to use, highly versatile, and take up very little space. Each strip holds enough compressed detergent for a whole load of washing. They can be used in either hot or cold water and can be fitted anywhere. Whether you are going backpacking or camping, these strips are a lifesaver.

2. Laundry Soap Sheets, Washer Sheets for Travel Laundry

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Similar in concept to Breezeo Strips, these laundry sheets share the same convenient characteristics. They are packed in thin bags that can be easily stuffed in your travel bags and they are eco-friendly to boot.

3. Tide Sports Travel Sink Packets

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Tide Sports Travel Sink Packets can be dissolved in either hot or cold water and allow you to quickly wash your clothes while on the trip. For getting that traveling smells out, they have added Febreze, ensuring that your clothes will smell nice and fresh. And since it is Tide, you can remove even the toughest stains with it, and we all know how many of those we can pick up during traveling.

4. Sea to Summit Trek and Travel Liquid Soap

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This biodegradable liquid soap comes with a green tea fragrance, providing a lasting fresh smell of all the clothes you wash with it. The bottle is TSA-compliant, so you can safely carry it with you on a plane. It is also very sturdy, so it won’t come open regardless of how much abuse your luggage takes during the transport. Since it is a soap, you can also use it to wash your hands, saving you some space on camping trips.