How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There is not a lot of thing as cool and relaxing as riding a motorcycle. A lot of people ride motorcycles nowadays. Some ride scooters, some enjoy choppers or sports bikes. What all of them have in common, is that they are more likely than the other participants in traffic to get seriously injured while operating a vehicle. It’s not a secret that their chances of getting seriously injured are far greater than one of those in passenger vehicles. If such a tragedy has happened to you or any of your friends or loved ones, you might’ve been searching for a good, reliable motorcycle accident lawyer.

Finding a good lawyer to handle your motorcycle accident case is not an easy task. Of course, anyone who is practicing law can be your representative, but that does not mean that it should. Picking just any lawyer isn’t and shouldn’t be the thing you do. In cases like this, you should look for the best representation possible. Motorcycle law is somewhat different and you should look for someone that has previous experience in the area.

What should you look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer?

There is not a single thing you should focus on. Rather than that, you should look for a number of qualifications and other necessary skills. The thing that first comes to mind when choosing an attorney at law is the attorney’s experience. Although, young and newly appointed lawyers might be eager to work and learn and their knowledge is this fresh from the university – that might not be enough to win a case like this.

Usually, a safer approach to these things would be to choose a lawyer with several years of experience and specifically experience with cases similar to yours. It’s generally better to go with someone that has had previous experience dealing with cases like this because they are more likely to be familiar with the process and not learn during one. An experienced lawyer, such as will already be familiar with the courts, attorneys he or she would be up against, the procedures and so on. Therefore, one of the first questions when you come for consultations is to ask the attorney about their experience with this matter, how long they’ve been practicing and how many times they’ve handled a case like this, as well as their track record with motorcycle accident claims.

Let’s focus on the last one for now – the track record. You wouldn’t want someone who has never won a case similar to this, or has rarely won one, to represent you, same as you wouldn’t want Shaq to shoot a three-pointer when you’re down by two with three second remaining. Although, the track record or success-rate isn’t a clear indication as what you can expect, it can give you a more than adequate assessment of what you can expect from a lawyer. This is in a way a clear representation of the attorney’s skill. If the attorney at hand has rarely managed to win a case like yours, chances are, history might repeat itself. If you’re satisfied with the track record, you’re headed in the right direction but there are a few more obstacles along the way.

Another thing that sets a good attorney apart from a bad one is the way he or she is communicating with you. Many people disregard this part of the relationship between a lawyer and a client and they really shouldn’t. The relationship should be professional, but that doesn’t mean it should be unpleasant. It’s important to find yourself a motorcycle accident lawyer like the ones from that pays a lot of attention to effectively and pleasantly communicating with you. It’s important to establish the trust between the client and the representative. A great lawyer will listen to you, talk to you with respect and in a way you understand what they’re saying and are not keeping you in the dark about the case progression. Not getting along or communicating well with your attorney can easily impact your case in a negative way.

One thing you should know, before hiring a lawyer, is that a lot of the motorcycle accident claims end up in settlements. An attorney is more often than not the deciding factor in the outcome of the case, especially when it comes to settlements. A settlement in the favour of the accident victim is great, however, one thing to keep in mind is, does your potential attorney settles right away or as a result of the trial. It makes all the difference in cases like this. If the attorney or a law firm prioritizes settlements over taking a case to court just so it could win, it could mean loss of money for you. A good attorney should be able to make a case in court so you end up with a better deal when it comes to settlement. If your lawyer is known to settle easily, because of its inability to win a case in court, you’re certain to get a lower offer on a settlement deal.

Another thing to focus on when choosing an attorney for claims such as these is the primary area of focus of his practice. Like we’ve said, every attorney that has passed the bar will be suitable for the job – the point is finding the best one. When it comes to cases like these, it’s best to avoid attorneys that don’t specialize in personal injury law. Motorcycle accident claims are essentially personal injury claims and you should have a representative that’s specialized in that field of law. Ask the lawyer how invested he is in this field and he is there is just one more thing to check.

The final thing to go over with your attorney is the fees and additional expenses that might occur. Before hiring a lawyer, you need to know how much will they charge you and are there any other things that might cost you as well. In most cases, your attorney will take a contingency fee based on the outcome of the trial.

If you end up finding an attorney that checks all the boxes, which we’re sure you will and once you agree on the fee and put it all in writing, you are ready to file your claim and ultimately win the case. Hopefully, we’ve managed to help you out with this article and you end up hiring the best motorcycle accident, lawyer.