Is The Honda Pilot a Reliable Car? Find All You Need To Know

Owning a good family car has become quite a necessity in this modern world. It can be said that almost everyone needs a car for some reason or the other regularly, irrespective of their familial backgrounds or the work they do. And one of the most popular choices is the Honda Pilot, a spacious three-rowed, eight-seater beast that comes with the trust of Honda.

Whenever buying a mid-ranged and sized SUV, there are many things to consider. Additionally, the option of buying a second-hand car instead of a new one also pops up, as it reduces the expenses and also allows the owner to test things out before making any big investments. You can check some used Honda Pilot here if you believe this would be your next SUV.

If you are planning on buying a mid-sized SUV, then the Honda Pilot is something that you could consider. However, many questions come to mind whilst making a purchase, such as whether it would be a reliable car. The answer to this, and other similar questions are tried to be given in the following article, as it covers everything you need to know about the Honda Pilot:

Is It A Reliable Option?

With an average rating of 3.5 out of a total of 5 from various user surveys online, it is safe to say that the car is quite reliable. Ever since the introduction of the 2003 model back in 2002, Honda Pilot has been a safe option to consider for people looking for a family vehicle. It has low annual maintenance and servicing charges as compared to the counterparts available in the market.

Moreover, it is quite budget-friendly as well. So it would not drain all your savings anytime soon. Overall, it also has an 8.8 rating out of 10 from car critics and has been a fan favourite ever since its release. It is safe to say that this car would be a good choice and is very reliable in all aspects.

Other Stuff You Should Know

There are a few other things other than the reliability factor that should be considered before making a sane and well-thought choice. After all, it is an investment and should be done after a lot of speculation and thinking. These are:

1.  Seating Space

Like any other mid-ranged family car, this too has a total seating capacity of eight. But this is for adults, and, commonly, you can fit a couple more people in this if required. Such a large seating area is ideal for family trips and can also be doubled as a pickup truck if you like.

The seats also have decent legroom, which should be just enough even for longer travels. However, the back row has slightly reduced legroom, which can become a bit painful for taller passengers. They might want to skip the back-row seats if they want a comfortable trip. Apart from this, the seating and legroom should be sufficiently comfortable for all.

2.  Engine And Mileage

The Pilot boasts a 3.5 L V6 engine which is capable enough to generate a horsepower of 280. This is a good engine if you get confused with the tech talk. Moreover, the newest edition, the 2024 model comes with 10 automatic speed shifts, with all wheels drive mode available along with the traditional front wheels mode. All these features would ensure that the car moves smoothly in all sorts of terrains and boosts the confidence of the driver.

As far as mileage is considered, it is estimated that the new Pilot would ensure a top performance of 30 kilometres per gallon in a regular urban terrain and could go up to a maximum of 44 kilometres per gallon on a highway. This makes it quite efficient in this rising fuel economy, and a good car for longer trips.

3.  Cargo And Boot Space

When it comes to cargo space, three-seater SUVs are not the best in the category. This can be easily understood by the fact that the initial cargo space with all three rows of seats being used is just slightly over 1.7 cubic meters. This would be enough to fit a few small-sized suitcases. However, if you fold up the rear seats of the third row, then the space increases by 5.5 cubic meters (which is almost 60 cubic feet). This means that you can adjust the boot space according to your needs.

4.  What About Infotainment?

Keeping at par with its competitive counterparts in the market, this family car also comes preloaded with all the basic forms of entertainment. There is Bluetooth connectivity with the standard seven-speaker stereo system in the standard version. However, the Elite model comes with 12 Bose speakers preinstalled, making it an ideal vehicle for partying along the way.

Moreover, all Pilot models come with a 7-inch touchscreen display, equipped with all the necessities, such as Android Auto and GPS, with a couple of USB ports. All these specs and features ensure that you have a fun-filled journey.

5.  Safety And Customer Ratings

The SUV comes packed with all the safety features and has been rigorously checked before being launched in the market. It has eight airbags to prevent every passenger from any sort of front trauma in times of need. Moreover, it received a five out of five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for its crash test.

Customers from all across the globe are quite satisfied, and the same can be seen in their ratings and views about the car online.


The Honda Pilot is a great SUV within the three-seater range. It has decent cargo and legroom, and comes with all the standard features, along with many additional ones, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for all its passengers. It is a sturdy car, perfect for any family, with decent interiors and modern looks on the outside.