5 Best Men’s Haircuts To Look Older Instantly 2024

Men’s haircut is a part of fashion and has become a trend for men around the world. Many men across the globe prefer to get their hair trimmed regularly because it helps them look good and is also considered to be a sign of manliness. There’s no denying the importance of looking good and being able to pass off having a well-groomed appearance. If you want to improve your appearance, however, don’t forget that taking care of your body goes hand in hand with taking care of your hair.

Which hairstyle goes best with your face shape?

Everyone has an opinion on hairstyles, especially men. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to choose the perfect style for your face shape. Haircuts can often determine whether or not someone looks good. After all, the way your hair flows determines how much time you spend styling it – even if you don’t realize it. For men, the cut also affects their looks, making them stand out in the crowd. For the younger generation, when choosing a haircut, consider these men’s haircut looks that will make you look older than you are.

1. The undercut

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The undercut is when the hairline begins at the earlobes and then curls down towards the chin. When worn well, this style makes the face appear narrower. However, if done poorly, it could make the face appear wider than normal and give the appearance of age. If you want to hide your baby face and add a couple of years, this is the right one for you.

2. The side-swept bangs

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This haircut is similar to the undercut but instead of curling downward towards the ears, it curls upward towards your temple. Again, this style gives off the same effect as the undercut but does not necessarily have to do with age due to its versatility.

3. The fade

Source: wellgroomedgentleman.com

With the fade, the sides of your head sweep back towards your forehead. A lot of people believe that they are the best way to hide wrinkles. If done correctly, the sides of your hair should meet right above your eyebrows. Fading is another hairstyle that is ideal for those who don’t want to shave off their hair completely. In fading, the hair is cut shorter along the sides and longer at the top. To avoid looking unattractive, fade cuts should not be done on the front part of the head. Instead, fade cuts should cover the back of the neck.

4. The buzz cut

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When you get a buzz cut, the top layers of your hair are removed completely leaving no length. Usually, this can be achieved using clippers. Not only will you lose hair, but you will also lose its thickness.

5. Sideburns

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Sideburns are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your look and give your face shape something extra. You will need to have a razor that is sharp enough to shave off the sides of your face without causing any pain or discomfort. If your skin is sensitive, you should probably shave off the sides of the face sooner than later.

These are just a few ways to change your look and add some extra years. By choosing one of the above suggestions in combination with a beard, you will already be a hit with the girls.