5 Tips For Choosing The Best Class in Wow Shadowlands

Spending your free time is a plan that is made first whenever it is found out that there are days off. Organizing activities is the first thing that needs to be planned to make the most of the time provided as free time. The choice is yours, so you can choose between walking, reading, listening to music, playing board games with loved ones, watching TV series and movies, or simply playing your favorite computer game. Lately, people are spending more and more time playing one of the computer games that there are more and more, so similar to each other, but still different.


There are various categories of computer games that have been devised and published over the years. From the simplest ones that are based on logical thinking and action to games that are in the category of everyday life, based on cartoon characters, and as the most popular we would single out computer games that are fictional games or better known as science fiction category of games. This category of computer editions is the most interesting and appealing. It is attractive not only to the younger generations but also to those generations who grew up with the first computers that were sold many years ago. One of the most popular games is WoW Shadowlands this October. What is this about?


Shadowlands is World of Warcraft’s new game from the edition of the game. It has been upgraded and improved, unlike all its previous games that have been released. The improvements are in terms of graphics, in-game offers and speed and many other things you can learn more about from Piratebay-Service. Find out what this news is below where we bring you a few tricks on how to choose the best class ever.

  1. Browse all the categories that the new game has WoW Shadowlands – the first thing we would like to give you as a tip is to look at all the categories offered by the latest edition of WoW games. This is the first thing we suggest because the classes differ from edition to edition. For example, if in the previous edition there were, say, a dozen other different categories, in the latest edition that came out this year in October, there are other new classes, which are the following: Warlocks, Hunters, Death Knights (DK), and Rogues. We advise you to look at each of them and find out why each of them is different from the previous ones.
  2. Take a look at the opportunities that classes offer – the specifics and details are up to you. In order to make a decision and decide which class you will choose to play this game, you will need to sort all the existing classes, ie Warlocks, Hunters, Death Knights (DK), and Rogues. Once you have sorted them, you need to look at all the specifics, similarities and differences that exist in each of these classes. You must be wondering why you need it? This is necessary in order to choose as easily as possible the class that you think will be the strongest and best to play with.
  3. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is already playing this edition, consult with him – most often such popular releases are followed and played in company with friends. There is always a person in those teams of close people who always tries the game first, but not only that. That person is also the one who first learns all the things related to the game and then advises and gives directions to other friends and acquaintances. This would be a great and best opportunity to get advice as you want to go safe and play the best class there is. For this, you will need to discuss them together and see the opportunities they offer.
  4. Watch a video related to this game by one of the famous YouTubers – on the Internet we can confidently claim that various contents are circulating that can be found at any moment in solving a situation. This is also the case with this latest modified edition of WoW, about which much more can be learned from famous YouTube stars such as Pewdiepie and many others like him, who in their categories include popular editions such as this edition. . All you have to do is find out if any of them have posted a video related to the game (there certainly is) that you will watch to help you decide which class to play with.
  5. Gather and read information from one of the gaming forums that can help you make the final decision – there are a number of gaming forums where you can find information about each play at any time. Thus, forums are already open for discussion topics for the latest edition of the edition of WoW games -WoW Shadowlands. Thus, in each topic there are subcategories that are discussed daily and that are regularly given advice for different segments of the plays. So in some of the sub-topics can be found a variety of thoughts and honest advice that apply to new players, especially in terms of choosing the best class. So there you will find various opinions on which of the Warlocks, Hunters, Death Knights (DK), and Rogues is the best choice and why. According to the number of answers for each of them, make a ranking and choose the best one that will win the ranking according to all the criteria that we have indicated above.


WoW Shadowlands is a novelty that everyone rejoiced in and that was long-awaited until this October when it officially went on sale and was announced. We have already dealt with the new difficulty that all players have in this article, where we talked about the fact that every player deserves the best, and the best is achieved exclusively through research and search. Therefore, it is necessary to first get acquainted with what this edition offers, then it is necessary to make a ranking according to the knowledge, to consult with someone who plays the game, to see what the YouTubers think about it, and finally to see what the opinions of people on the forums. In the end, summarize everything you will find and according to the points and the ranking, choose the one you will decide on. Good luck!