The Top Bedroom Decorating Trends & Ideas For 2024

The trends for 2024 are diverse and range from daring and bold, to mild and low-key, but the theme that is carried through all of them this year is comfort. There have been too many years where spartan bedrooms have taken the spotlight, but this year it’s going to all revolve around comfort and coziness. This means warm tones with a lot of influence from organic and natural inspiration. Here are the biggest decorating trends and ideas for 2024.

Function Over Form

While the look of things will certainly factor into your decision, the primary trend of 2024 will be comfortable, and comfort will be at the root of all bedroom design trends of 2024. This means that focus will be shifting from a place of embellishment and sometimes even opulence, toward being a place of rest and healing. Even when it comes to shape and color, this year, the elements that make you feel cozy, welcomed, and comfortable are the ones taking center stage.

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Opt For Quality

More and more people are spending larger amounts of time at home now, and this recent shift in socialization has put an increased focus on quality and functionality. This is leading to interiors being designed to reinforce the purpose of the rooms, with each one being uniquely fit to fulfill its role. Bedrooms are a retreat and ensure that each component chosen for the bed and furniture are quality items that will be comfortable.

Guest Room Level-Up

Even though they aren’t generally rooms where people stay very often, the guest room can be a very important component to the overall comfort of your house. Since your guests sleep in the guest room, ensuring that they have a quality space to rest and retreat can mean a much more enjoyable experience overall. The main hurdle is usually cost. Shops like 1stopbedrooms tend to have a wide variety of trendy and affordable furniture that can be used to dramatically improve any bedroom space.

Mismatched Pillows

The influence of the eastern idea of wabi-sabi has led to a trend of mismatched design elements, and pillows are the perfect opportunity to explore this comfortably and affordably. Make your comfort zone a celebration of the imperfect and the mixed. Collect a variety of pillows that mix fabrics, styles, firmnesses, sizes, and patterns, and experiment with different layouts on the bed. Not only will you have a refreshingly diverse aesthetic, but you will always have the perfect assortment of pillows to ensure your comfort.

The Artistic & The Futuristic

Looks that have both an artistic and a futuristic flair are going to be making waves this year. On the artistic side of things, you will see a large influence from interiors that look like they were staged for an art exhibit. They will have balance and practical looks, as well as a slightly artistic bend. Together the individual elements will create cohesion and a unified appearance.

There will also be a strong influence from design elements that have a futuristic feel and aesthetics. This will include elements of shimmer, matte finish surfaces, asymmetrical looks, and an intersection of curved and linear design. Also popular will be neon and other glam elements, though they won’t be used to excess.

Surplus Seats

Since one of the overarching themes of the 2024 design is comfort, adding surplus seating to the gathering or lounge areas is a power move. This can be leveraged to be even more effective since many spaces are taking on a single focus, moving away from the multifunction rooms that have dominated the trends in recent years. 2024 will see a robust migration away from many types of other smaller desks, tables, and dressers, in favor of adding more seating. The seating will likely be rounded shapes and comfy, so plush and deep upholstered options are going to be prime.


Since many traditional options for storage are becoming less common, a growing trend is for existing items of furniture to include hidden storage in some capacity. These can be storage-seat chairs or ottomans that are hollow and can store several cubic feet of items. This is also a result of the trend over recent years toward minimalism, where storage furniture is no longer ideal, and hidden storage is preferred instead.


A huge trend this year is going to be the diversification of textures while keeping within a largely natural and organic influence. This can bring a large degree of depth and dynamic appearance to a space, with layered bedding being able to be re-layered for a different appearance. A single room can work within a particular palette, and still, have a rich feel with many different textures and materials that make it feel warm and inviting. This is a great technique to use in smaller spaces as well, such as decorating a smaller guest space, meditation area, reading nook, or lounge area.

Natural Shapes & Tones

The dominating trends over the past few years have revolved around symmetry, precision, and an angular appearance, and in 2024 this is changing to reflect a much more organic and natural appearance overall. This means that primary elements will be things like long flowy lines and floral inspiration, along with oblong and irregular shapes, and even color splatters that resemble terrazzo or marble. The elements with the biggest impact and the most appeal will be elements that appear abstract at first but can be used to augment or complement many different design themes.

The Biggest Bedroom Trends Of 2024

2024 is going to be a year of big changes for many people, and if one of your changes is going to be the look and content of your bedroom, then this list will be an invaluable source of information for you. Think about what your goals are for aesthetics, then plan those around the central theme of your comfort. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up winning because the space where you rest and recuperate will look great.