How to Make the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom Space

If you know how to make the most of a tiny space, a small bathroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In reality, most houses include at least one compact bathroom where residents must utilize every available square inch. It might be difficult to make a small bathroom practical and fashionable. It’s not impossible, though—certainly! There are a few reliable techniques that can make the most of a small space while deceiving the eye and creating the impression of depth and size.

Use the Wall Area


Make use of every inch of that wall space! Your bathroom’s walls have so much potential that your options are essentially limitless. You should use them for everything from organizing your bathroom to decorating.

Professional Help

Before starting or if you’re not feeling confident about taking things into your own hands, consider getting experts to get it all done. A qualified bathroom contractor in Roseville, Denver, Austin, or wherever you are may advise you on what to do first and what to choose to make your bathroom appear to have enough space to store everything in.

Install Shelves

When it comes to decorating or renovating a smaller bathroom, shelves are a lifesaver. You have a choice between a single long shelf that spans a wall and short shelves that stack on top of one another. These shelves will provide a place to keep things out of the way and save up so much floor space, whether you use them to display decorations or store bathroom items.

Place Cabinets

Installing hanging cabinets is an additional choice. It’s a great idea to hang a cabinet above the toilet. You can hide random stuff in cabinets to keep your bathroom from feeling cluttered. A room can appear much smaller than it is if there are too many objects in it.

Incorporate Towel Hooks on the Wall

Your bathroom will feel less cluttered if you hang towel racks on the wall for your bath and hand towels. The towels you previously let hang on the back of the door or in the corner now have a place to call home on your wall.

Glass Shower


Any obstruction that prevents you from seeing everything in a small space immediately gives the impression that you’re crammed in. This includes the shower curtain or door, which can instantly alter the bathroom’s size. Consider a clear glass door in place of a colorful shower curtain, or do away with the curtain completely. It will appear like the room is larger than it actually is since you can see through the door.

Tip: Consider getting a sliding door for the shower rather than a swing-out door if your bathroom is extremely crowded.

Keep the Color Scheme Minimal and Stylish

If maximizing space in your small bathroom is your objective, we advise going with a straightforward and modern color scheme. Keep in mind that light colors have a tendency to make spaces appear larger than they actually are when choosing paint colors for small bathrooms.

Choose Built-Ins

You can keep items in these carved-out areas of the wall or shower. Just consider having a little block of the wall cut out in your shower so you can store your shampoos and soaps. They won’t be taking up the room you really can’t afford to waste by sitting on the floor or in a metal carrier. It’s a great, non-space-consuming storage solution.

Minimize Your Decor


It’s simple for a small area to feel cluttered with a few too many decorative items, especially in half-baths. Keep your bathroom design simple and free of colorful jars, air fresheners, and other objects that occupy counter space.

When redecorating, choose patterned tiling in the showers and flooring or a beautiful marble stone for the counters. This will give your bathroom some eye-catching individuality without making it appear crowded.

Choose a wall-mounted piece of art if you still feel your bathroom needs a “statement piece.” It won’t use up valuable counter space and will help keep your bathroom feeling tidy.


A bathroom is a small place, so updating it might be more difficult than you might think. However, by using these straightforward tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of any bathroom.