B. D. Hyman Net Worth 2024 – Life, Career & Earnings

B. D. Hyman is an American author and pastor. She is the estranged daughter of the late actress Bete Davis. If you want to learn more about Hyman’s life, career, and earnings, keep on reading.

Early Life

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On 1st May 1947, in Santa Ana, California, U. S., Ruth Elizabeth Bette Davis and William Grant Sherry welcomed their daughter Barbara Davis Sherry into this world. Her father was an artist, and her mother was a film star. In 1950, David’s fourth husband, Gary Merrill, who was also an actor, adopted Barbara. At the age of sixteen, she wanted to distance herself from Merrill because of his abusive behavior, so she decided to take back her birth last name, Sherry. Hyman has two step-siblings, a step-sister Margo, and stepbrother Michael, both adopted by Davis and Merrill. The relationship Hyman had with her mother began to deteriorate when Hyman became a born-again Christian and tried to persuade Davis to follow her steps.

Hyman even wrote a book about their difficult mother-daughter relationship where she described Davis’ drunken behavior. Several of Davis’ friends commented on the truthfulness of some events described in the book, and one of them said: „So much of the book is out of context!“ However, before publishing the book, during one interview, Hyman said that she had adopted numerous of Davis’ principles in raising her own children. Davis was deeply hurt by her daughter’s act to publish the book, that in her second memoir This ‘n That, she described that act as „a glaring lack of loyalty and thanks for the very privileged life I feel you have been given.“


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In 1951, Hyman appeared as an infant in her mother’s film Payment On Demand. Eleven years later, she had a minor role as the next-door neighbor’s daughter in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962). Those were her only acting appearances on film.

In 1985, Hyman’s first book about her mother’s and her relationship was published. The book was titled My Mother’s Keeper, and three years later, she published another book about the same subject, called Narrow Is The Way.

Private Life

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In 1963, Barbara Davis Sherry married Jeremy Hyman, who is the British nephew of Seven Arts Productions owner Eliot Hyman. At the time they got married, Barbara was only 16 years old, while Jeremy was 29. Davis gave her consent and publicly supported the marriage. The couple shares two sons, Ashely and Justin.
Soon after she became a born-again Christian, Hyman also became the head of her own ministry and pastor of her church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her ministry published her three books, which include Oppressive Parents: How To Leave Them And Love Them (1992), The Church Is Not The Bride (2000), and The Rapture, The Tribulation, And Beyond (2002).

Net Worth

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There aren’t many pieces of information about Hyman’s net worth. However, it is well-known that Davis included her and her sons in the will, leaving them between $600,000 and $1 million.