TOP 10 Android App Development Company in the USA in 2024

What is a smartphone? At first thought, it is a relatively small device that is used for communication, yet, when you look deeper, it is a multi-functional storage that helps to manage our lives and improve the quality of our existence.

Just a few years ago, businesses would mainly focus on creating websites as the main form of digital presentation, yet nowadays, with the global involvement of smartphones in our lives, the development of mobile applications has taken the first place in the list of requests.

The world of smartphone users is divided into two parts 一 Android users and iOS users, with 69,44$ against 29,89% respectively, with both systems continuing to grow and extend their functionality.

When businesses are planning to set foot in the digital environment, they need to consider their applications in two forms 一 for Android and for iOS users. The iOS operating system will require Objective-C or Swift app development services; the Android operating system will mainly be based on the usage of Kotlin and Java.

Since the Android system is holding the leadership on a global scale, let’s explore the best companies to consider when looking for Android developers in the USA.

Top Android Development Companies in the USA

The USA is a global pool of talents, with the IT sector being a permanent leader, hence, finding a top-notch level of quality is not a problem, yet making a final decision is always daunting.

1.  Emerline

The leading position on our list of top Android app development companies in the USA is occupied by a custom software engineering company Emerline. It is a mid-sized company with a solid 10+ years of experience, which gradually extends its influence both in the USA and overseas.

Emerline prides itself on more than 250 successful projects, each one resolving specific pains and elevating the performance of a particular company. Let’s have a look at a few examples:

  • Oomnitza, a provider of management tools, requested an IT solution to optimize asset management for small and large businesses.

Emerline developers created an asset management platform that optimized the maintenance of IT assets.

  • CPG data, analytic center, wanted to target manual data collection, slow report generation, and insufficient analytics.

Emerline provided them with a sales analytic portal, which optimizes the time for report generation (from 4 min to 22 sec), gives timely insight into pipeline management, centralizes data management, etc.

  • FUCHS, a global lubricant supplier, lacked a unified platform to cover customer needs.

Emerline delivered an IT solution that included two applications (mobile and web form), which can address the clients’ needs.

Their portfolio is very loud and clear about the level of professionalism and unlimited areas of expertise.

What we appreciated most about the company’s cover-it-all nature is that you can start your cooperation with Android application development, and then, with the help of Emerline professionals, grow your business infrastructure.

According to Clutch reviews, their rating is 4.9, which is a sign of reliability, and high-quality performance. Emerline is a successful combination of affordable pricing and top-notch delivery of IT services.

2.  Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions


Konstant Infosolutions has been a constant provider of quality since 2003. It has managed to grow two major operating teams in the USA and in India. Konstant Infosolutions provides timely delivery of projects. What’s even more important is that they have hourly pricing policies, which are suitable for businesses on tight budgets. Their long-term existence has given a positive start to more than 2500 clients all over the world, which is definitely worth adding to their positive image in the market of IT solutions.

According to Clutch reviews, their rating is 4.8.

3.  Trigent Software

Trigent Software is an outstanding solution for its clients, as it offers Application Development, BI Consulting, QA Testing, Cloud Services, etc. The company offers every type of digital solution, which can take the level of the company’s development to a new level.

Trigent has already worked for three decades in the market, showing all the signs of stable growth and development of professionalism, which provides top-notch services for clients.

According to Clutch reviews, its rating is 4.8.

4.   Possible

The Possible company makes every startup idea possible in the virtual world. Their area of expertise is extended to mobile app development, digital marketing, and UI/UX design.

They pride themselves on cooperating with global names like Microsoft, Nestle, Adidas, and Turner, helping them elevate their market presence through well-provided customer experience.

Their rating isn’t listed on the Clutch review website.

5.  Simform



Simform is a custom software company, which has been working on a global scale for more than a decade. Their high level of proficiency improves the digital presence of businesses and NGO organizations, as they are able to deliver timely innovative solutions that increase the level of the company’s competitiveness, and thus, benefit the ROI.

Simform helps to develop mobile software, E-commerce portals, and Saas applications. Moreover, they offer a secure testing and deployment environment for every product and software solution.

According to Clutch reviews, its rating is 4.8.

The Bottom Line

The choice of the application development company is the first and crucial stage of product creation. It is important to find a company that offers a balance of quality and pricing, whose developers are well-versed and are able to deliver the ideas of the client in the proper form with seamless performance.

Apart from the tech-oriented side, it is also important to choose the company considering the level of their communication culture, as the way they cooperate with the clients-to-be can reveal their true nature.

Make sure you dedicate enough time to scanning the companies mentioned above and choose the one that hits you with efficiency, professionalism, and a high level of soft skills. The right company will help your application emerge from simple ideas and fantasies into a highly profitable venture.